Ultimate Post Counterbore Set

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The Ultimate Post CounterBore Set will allow you to counter bore posts for most tapered pivot screws in woodwind keys at any angle.

The Ultimate Post CounterBore Set will allow you to counter bore posts for most tapered pivot screws in woodwind keys at any angle. It comes with 10 cutters, a Titanium Shaft, a Flexible Shaft, and Large and Mini "Acorn" Shafts in a durable and beautiful acrylic box.

In situations where the end of the pivot screw key is worn and sloppy, you may find that you need the pivot screw to go deeper into the key and therefore deeper into the post face. Instead of tapping the post toward a key which will result in non-parallel key action and binding, counterboring the post face will enable precision fit keywork.

Made in-house in Wilmington, North Carolina, each cutter is machined from hardened steel with 4 flutes and an appropriate rake angle which allows you to cut at just the right speed: fast enough to get the job done and slow enough for a smooth finish with exacting control. Each individual cutter is threaded on the inside and hex on the outside so that it can be mounted on the titanium shaft, flexible shaft, and either Acorn for maximum access.

The Titanium Shaft lives inside an aircraft aluminum hard anodized handle that feels great in your hands and won’t bend or break. The free spinning magnetic end can be removed in order to access tight spaces.

When clearance is an issue, the Flexible Shaft is the star of the show. It features a spring for comfort and strength and threads directly on to the Titanium shaft. The tool can then work at 45 degree angles which allow access to just about everywhere.

The Large and Mini Acorns offer a new way to counterbore with ultimate precision and control especially when nearby posts are a clearance concern. Machined from stainless steel with a knurled finish, the two magnetic parts work together so you can squeeze with one hand and twist with the other. Set the cutter into the Acorn using the hex end. With one finger on the recessed side and the other balanced on the pivot screw post, the cutter alone will spin to counter bore as it is turned with the other hand. The Mini Acorn works well when there is tight clearance, such as with the bottom post on a Selmer style Tenor Sax or when posts are close to the body of the instrument.

To use, simply select a cutter with the exact same outside diameter as the pivot screw head. Determine the amount of the clearance available and select the appropriate shaft or Acorn, thread on the cutter, and cut incrementally in a clockwise direction with confidence and precision.