Parallel Pliers

MusicMedic quality Parallel Pliers are available many sizes and jaw types- Every shop should have at least a couple!

The increased contact surface provided by the parallel action of these pliers decreases the chances of marring rods and keys while giving a more solid contact between the part and the plier.

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  1. Parallel Spring Inserting Pliers

    Our Parallel Spring Inserting Pliers feature stainless steel jaws with smooth edges that will not mar posts.

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  2. Knipex Parallel Swedging Pliers-Single 5mm Hole-Medium
    Out of stock

    All the greatness of Knipex pliers but for the tech who focuses on saxophones.

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  3. Knipex Duckbill Pliers

    Starting at $89.25

     If you only have one set of Knipex pliers on your bench, this is the set to have.

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  4. Parallel Spring Removing Pliers

    These beautiful pliers are just plain awesome. If you've ever had to remove a spring that has broken off inside or flush with the post before, you're familiar with the risk of moving the post, scratching the post, and generally how challenging it can be to access the broken spring from the desired angle.

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  5. Chain Nose Parallel Pliers

    Starting at $28.00

    These are the go-to pliers for most repair shops, and are one of our favorite all around pliers because of its versatility. The hard coated tapered steel jaws feature a small working surface at the tip to allow you to get into tight spaces. The parallel jaw action gives you a solid grip and aids in bending keywork and springs. The handle is sprung, but the springs are easily removable to suit your preference. Try coating the jaws with leather or teflon to reduce marring on keywork. The Small Chain Nose Pliers are excellent for flute and clarinet work, and the Medium Chain Nose Pliers will work great for saxophone.

    Small: 140mm
    Large: 160mm

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  6. Brass and Soft Jaw Parallel Pliers

    Starting at $3.00

    MusicMedic quality Brass and Soft Jaw Parallel Pliers are available in three sizes. With the added choice of a sturdy Nylon jaw Pliers, there is no reason you can't get a grip without leaving marks! Learn More
  7. Smooth Jaw Parallel Pliers

    Starting at $29.95

    MusicMedic quality Parallel Pliers are available in three sizes, no shop should be without them all! Learn More
  8. Knipex Parallel Swedging Pliers

    Starting at $159.00

    Unlike most key swedging pliers, the Knipex pliers have a massive amount of gripping power which will speed up the process of key swedging without overly marring keys. Learn More
  9. Parallel Open DuckBill Pliers
    Parallel Open Duckbill Pliers feature a 3.5mm gap between medium-wide jaws. The jaws do not close completely and offer an even, secure hold on larger keys and pad cups. The smooth jaws prevent marring of keys and the non-slip handles ensure a solid grip when bending. Learn More
  10. Knipex Plier Wrenches

    Starting at $69.46

    German-made Knipex pliers are a superior tool for gripping, holding, and bending parts. The smooth and parallel nickel-plated jaws will not mar keys or hardware. They are easy to use in most instances that parallel pliers are used. These pliers use a push button to change the jaw opening between the 13 different positions. Learn More
  11. Parallel Half Round Pliers
    The jaws of these pliers have one flat side and one half round. They are great for shaping curved metal parts, and have the added benefit of increased surface contact through parallel action. Learn More
  12. Parallel Round Nose Pliers
    The Parallel Round Nose Pliers have a long round nose that is excellent for bending springs and thin metal, and also for grabbing keys and parts. These heavy duty pliers come with wide, spring-loaded handles. Learn More
  13. Extra Large Parallel Pliers
    Our Extra Large parallel pliers have the widest jaws of any woodwind parallel plier available. These are excellent for all jobs needing a wide flat surface. The wide textured handle allows for a comfortable grip and the extra large surface area keeps a solid grip for more leverage on bigger parts. The parallel action of these smooth jaw pliers allows for maximum contact with the key or rod surface, minimizing any marring or damage to soft key work. This plier is available in three sizes, no shop should be without them all!

    Length: 6.5 inches or 16.51 cm

    Jaw Thickness: 10.26mm Learn More
  14. Large Nylon Jawed Parallel Pliers - Pliers
    These large parallel pliers have plastic lined jaws to protect the finish of keys. The screw allows you to set the jaw width or hold parts firmly. Length: 6.5 inches or 16.5 cm Jaw Thickness: 12.2mm with plastic Learn More
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