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Something amazing is happening in Wilmington North Carolina. The lives of saxophonists around the world are improving and it’s starting with some great saxophone necks. The Sax ProShop has been altering stock necks for nearly two decades solving tonal and intonation issues on vintage saxophones for the greatest players in the world.  Once we decided to make our own saxophone from scratch, making a neck was the natural first step in that process. We learned a lot about taper, tone, response, and different materials through hundreds of hours of research, in house manufacturing, and play testing.
We have all the tooling, the highest quality materials, premiere technicians, and the desire to produce the best necks in the world. Several neck models are available now, and many other neck models that are in the design and testing phase will be added to the website soon. As saxophone players, we know what a huge difference a great neck can make, and we have also seen and experienced the struggle of a neck which has been damaged, bent down and bent back many times over the years on vintage horns. We've combined the knowledge we have gained about neck alterations to improve tone and intonation on specific models of saxophones to produce superior necks that have that difficult-to-define but 'you-know-it-when-you-hear-it'  sound. The extra clarity, the added confidence that the note is going to be right where you need it, and the amplification of that specific tone which is why many players still prefer vintage saxophones. Wilmington Saxophone necks offer real and practical improvement.
These super premium necks are made based on and played on the actual horns they were intended for by professional saxophonists. They are fine-tuned to be even better than the originals in most cases players will notice an improvement in tone, intonation and response. All necks are handmade right in the Sax ProShop in the USA, and can be customized to your specifications. 
A huge advantage of hand-making the necks at the Sax ProShop is the number of customization options we can offer so you get exactly what you want.
Base metal: Brass, Copper or Solid Silver (Email for Solid Silver Neck quote) 
Finish: Silver, Gold (Email for quote), Copper, and Brass (Lacquered or Unlacquered)
Finish texture: Satin or Smooth
For those looking for some additional pizazz, engraving is available, including the Satin finish with Smooth highlights that the Sax ProShop is known for. You can also order custom tenon dimensions.
ORDERING A NECK: We keep many component parts and some necks in stock, but many necks are made-to-order so there may be a wait of 1-5 weeks, depending on your desired customizations. Email us to find out what, if any, your wait time will be. All of the standard necks are returnable as long as they have not be altered in any way. Once you have selected your neck, it will need to be fit to your horn by a professional. If you bring or send your horn to the Sax ProShop, we can do it for you. You may also get it fit locally by your trusted repair technician. 
Find out what difference a custom Wilmington Sax Neck can make!

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  1. The Wilmington- Martin Improved Bari Neck
    Out of stock

    The Wilmington Martin Improved Bari neck was inspired by our Conn 12.5M series, which allows players to use a modern mouthpiece without playing sharp and without having the mouthpiece teetering on the edge of the neck.

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  2. The Wilmington-Buescher Big B Baritone Replacement Neck

    Another great Wilmington neck from the Sax ProShop!  This heavy walled neck is made with our high tech tooling and from thicker brass to give it a beautiful tonal center and also the rigidity it needs to avoid being bent down.  

    We decided to keep the Big B neck in the same style and dimensions as the original but with a thick wall. This great neck comes with a classic octave key and guard.  The tenon is made from a single piece of brass to improve response and tone for years. 
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  3. The Wilmington-Conn 12M Neck
    Finally a real replacement for a 12m and not a copy made for a later horn from Mexico. These necks are the Sax ProShop flagship model, and have been extensively tested on many 12m baritones. We are thrilled with the results and think you will be too. This neck also works well on Chu Berry models. Learn More
  4. The Wilmington-Conn 12.5M Neck

    Curt Created the 12.5M neck especially for players who use modern jazz mouthpieces, which have shorter shanks than their early predecessors. This neck is longer with an adjusted taper to offer the best possible intonation and huge tone with premium mouthpiece stability. This is the pet project of a lifetime Conn 12M player, and there has never been a more sublime neck upgrade than the 12.5M. You're simply going to love it.

    Jan Provazník For Atelier H&M had this to say: "Hello Curt- The neck is absolutely great ! It has a big sound, easy to play and correct intonation :-). Most importantly it fits in to the receiver like it ment to be together. I appreciate the exact fabrication ! I am happy to do a business with you. In case you are in Europe, since I saw you travel a lot, I’d be happy to meet each other. Have a great day, you made my day :-) My very best, Jan Provazník "

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4 Items