Glue filled heat-shrink tubing, Teflon heat-shrink tubing and Assortments.
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  1. Hot Glue Filled Heat Shrink Tube

    Starting at $3.05

    Hot Glue Filled tubing is lined with a small amount of hot glue. When heated, the glue melts keeping the tubing held firmly in place. Unlike standard shrink tubing that is thin, hard and noisy, this tubing can function as a silencing material. The hot glue in the tubing provides an extra cushion to quiet woodwind mechanisms. The tubing is black and sold in six inch pieces. Learn More
  2. Heat Shrink Teflon® Tube

    Starting at $3.57

    Heat Shrink Teflon® tubing is excellent for applications where a low friction surface is necessary. This tubing will shrink to half its original size when heated. When cool, the surface of the tubing removes friction in critical areas such as actuating levers, round connectors on woodwind instruments and any place where two keys slide against each other. 

    This high-temperature shrink tubing will not shrink from the heat of most hot air guns, a precision butane or propane torch may be necessary. 

    Sized before shrinking. Clear / Blue color before shrinking, Clear color after shrinking. Sold in six-inch pieces.

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  3. High Tech Tubing Assortment

    This assortment is a must for your workbench. The assortment includes 10 of each:
    Heat Shrink Teflon Tubing - 3.0mm - 4.0mm - 6mm
    Hot Glue Filled Heat Shrink Tubing - 3/16" and 5/16"
    Super Soft Heat Shrink Tube - 4.5mm

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  4. Heat-N-Set Low Temperature Moldable Thermoplastic
    Out of stock

    Heat-N-Set Low Temperature Moldable Thermoplastic can be easily molded into various shapes from small beads. 

    Use Heat-N-Set as grips and extensions on tools you are using, or use as a form to hold tools in place on your bench.
    Heat-N-Set can be softened with heat and re-shaped again and again! 

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5 Items