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Quality Measuring tools for every budget. Let MusicMedic help you size up the situation!
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  1. Theo Wanne Refacing Files and Sanding Tools

    Along with the Theo Wanne Mouthpiece Refacing Kit this bundle includes all the tools you need to reface mouthpiece.

    This set contains:

    • 2 Sanding sticks
    • 4 Sanding Belts
    • A full set of Needle Files
    • 20 Sheets of High-Quality Sandpaper
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  2. Theo Wanne Mouthpiece Refacing Kit

    If you know anything about mouth piece refacing, you're likely already familiar with Theo Wanne. His mouthpiece refacing kit has what you need to get started on learning to repair and alter mouthpieces. Theo's 16 page full color book has comprehensive illustrations, instructions, and guides, and is the most concise and to-the-point resource on mouthpiece repair and refacing. Learn about the tools in the kit, tip size, facing curves, table flattening, measuring, adjusting tip rails, and forming baffles.

    Theo includes several sets of numbers to work with as you learn the basics and start to develop your own ideal mouthpiece measurements. This set comes in a beautiful storage box and contains the 16 page guide, the Digital Mouthpiece Tip Gauge which is the most precise mouthpiece tip measuring tool we have seen, the Feeler Set for measuring table and lay, and a Glass Gauge to measure mouthpiece facings. All you need are a few practice mouthpieces!

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  3. Professional Digital Caliper
    Working closely with the manufacturer of this caliper, we set out to offer a precise caliper that you can count on. We designed our Technician's caliper specifically for band instrument technicians, but gave it the accuracy machinists require, and the toughness needed for industrial applications. This caliper's rugged design will stand up to the abuse of any shop. Learn More
  4. Digital Caliper

    This digital caliper is perfect for those technicians who need an accurate measuring tool at a low price. This caliper is easy to use and perfect for the accurate measurement of rods, thread diameter, bore size, key heights pad cups, pads, depth of pad cups, pearls, neck tenons and sockets, springs, material thicknesses and any other application where a precision measurement is needed. This caliper is very similar to the caliper and differs only in the temper of the jaws, sliding action and the casing around the digital display. An excellent choice for beginning technicians.


    • Lightweight, ergonomic design
    • Inch/millimeter conversion reads .0005" or 0.01mm
    • Easy access to the single long-life battery
    • Last measuring position retained when shut off
    • Hardened stainless measuring surfaces for long life
    • Fine adjustment thumb wheel
    • Lock screw to hold the slide in position
    • Resolution: .0005" (0.01mm)
    • Zero at any position
    • Extra easy-to-read LCD, .44" high characters
    • Integrated depth rod

    Range: 0-6 Inches (0-150mm)

    Approx. Jaw Depth 1 1/2 Inches outside, 5/8 Inch inside (38mm, 15.89mm)

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  5. Solid Brass Sliding Caliper
    This caliper is the perfect addition to any small repair shop. The outside edge of the jaws on this caliper will measure the inside diameter of a pad cup and quickly give a reading in inches or Millimeters. The inside edge of the jaws will accurately measure pads after they are removed from the pad cups. This caliper is also excellent for measuring the thickness of cork, felt, pads or anything else.

    Length: 4.5 inches or 116mm. Learn More
  6. Pocket Ruler and Straight Edge
    Any woodwind tech will appreciate having a small straight edge on the bench for cutting straight lines in cork, felt, Ultra-suede etc.. We chose this tiny ruler because it give measurements in both Millimeters and 32nds of an inch. The millimeter side of the ruler shows half millimeters up to 50mm.

    Length: 6 inches. Learn More
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7 Items