Mallets and Hammers for every need. Soft Face Mallets for mark free straightening and shaping.
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  1. Rawhide Mallet

    Starting at $28.75

    This rawhide mallet is the repair industry standard for tapping keys, key cups, dents, dented mouthpieces, brass work and all areas of an instrument. The soft rawhide allows you to safely use this on brass instruments of all types. Learn More
  2. Wooden Mallet
    This small wooden hammer is perfect when gentle tapping is required but marring is not desired. Both ends of the hammer are flat but can be worked to nearly any shape. Learn More
  3. Large Double Sided Mallet

    The design for this delrin mallet comes directly from Josh Grant working at station 1 in the Sax ProShop. He uses this mallet every day for straightening solid pivot keys Learn More

  4. Small Double Sided Mallet
    Out of stock
    Our Double Sided Mallet was such a hit, that we decided to offer a smaller version for the the key work that required a smaller mallet. Instantly change the size of your mallet head with the flip of your wrist. Learn More
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5 Items