Mouthpiece Facing

Mouthpiece Facing
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  1. Mouthpiece Refacing Basics by Theo Wanne

    Theo is a master mouthpiece refacer and capable of improving any mouthpiece.  He has taken the fundamental skills needed to do this art and put them into this wonderful book; 16 color pages of the best knowledge on how to reface mouthpieces.


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  2. Theo Wanne Mouthpiece Refacing Kit

    If you know anything about mouth piece refacing, you're likely already familiar with Theo Wanne. His mouthpiece refacing kit has what you need to get started on learning to repair and alter mouthpieces. Theo's 16 page full color book has comprehensive illustrations, instructions, and guides, and is the most concise and to-the-point resource on mouthpiece repair and refacing. Learn about the tools in the kit, tip size, facing curves, table flattening, measuring, adjusting tip rails, and forming baffles.

    Theo includes several sets of numbers to work with as you learn the basics and start to develop your own ideal mouthpiece measurements. This set comes in a beautiful storage box and contains the 16 page guide, the Digital Mouthpiece Tip Gauge which is the most precise mouthpiece tip measuring tool we have seen, the Feeler Set for measuring table and lay, and a Glass Gauge to measure mouthpiece facings. All you need are a few practice mouthpieces!

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  3. Theo Wanne Refacing Files and Sanding Tools

    Along with the Theo Wanne Mouthpiece Refacing Kit this bundle includes all the tools you need to reface mouthpiece.

    This set contains:

    • 2 Sanding sticks
    • 4 Sanding Belts
    • A full set of Needle Files
    • 20 Sheets of High-Quality Sandpaper
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  4. Theo Wanne feeler Gauges

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    The Theo Wanne All in One Feeler Gauge Set includes all sizes needed to accurately measure a mouthpiece tip opening and has both US and Metric numbering. Use these gauges with the Theo Wanne Glass Gauge to measure mouthpiece facings. Learn More
  5. Glass Work Plate

    Excellent, true and level mouthpiece work starts with a smooth and extremely flat surface. Our glass plate is chosen special for woodwind mouthpiece work. The glass surface is designed to be flat and true. The edges of the plate are beveled to protect the work piece. When leveling a mouthpiece table place sanding paper on top of the flat glass plate. The resulting cuts will be flat and level.

    Length: 10 inches (254 mm)
    Width: 5 inches (127 mm)
    Thickness: 3/8 inch (9.5 mm)

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  6. Mouthpiece Refacing with Steve Goodson DVD
    Steve shows you how to make any mouthpiece play better. Topics include leveling the table, measuring the facing, adjusting the curve, narrowing the side rails, installing a baffle, and much more. Learn More
  7. Theo Wanne Digital Tip Opening Gauge
    The Theo Wanne Digital Tip Gauge is the ultimate mouthpiece measuring device. It is incredibly easy to use and measures the tip opening (distance between the reed and the tip rail of the mouthpiece) for all woodwind mouthpieces. Learn More
  8. Feeler Gauges
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    Place these feeler gauges between the mouthpiece and measuring plate measure the curve of a mouthpiece. Each feeler is labeled with it's size in inches and millimeters. Learn More
  9. Tip Gauge
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    This quick and hand tool is used to measure the tip opening of any woodwind mouthpiece. One side of the gauge is rounded to quickly find the tip rail of the mouthpiece without damaging it. The opposite side of the tool is labeled in millimeters. The knurled handle allows for an easy and comfortable grip. Learn More
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