Ultimax Lubricant System

The Ultimax lubricating system takes the guess work out of lubricating woodwind instruments. a complete system of synthetic lubricants designed to work together, Ultimax lubricants are safe for use on all woodwinds because they will not react with each other or any part of your instrument.

  • Ultimax will not break down or evaporate
  • Ultimax clings to metal surfaces
  • Ultimax is safe for use with all adhesives
  • Ultimax is safe for use around hard rubber
  • Ultimax retains its viscosity from -80° to +300°!

Your Instrument Deserves the Best!

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  1. UltiMax Naturals Bore Oil
    UltiMax Bore Oil is a blend of natural oils that penetrates and hydrates wooden instruments, protecting the wood from changes in humidity. Use it to oil the bore and the outside of wood instruments and keep your instrument in tip-top shape! Learn More
  2. Ultimax Pivot and Roller Lubricant

    Starting at $7.59

    Noisy rollers and clicking pivots are a thing of the past. Ultimax Pivot and Roller Lubricant is an amazing sticky oil that grabs both surfaces and traps in air bubbles, creating a thick, air-packed liquid bearing surface that takes up space in key mechanisms. This liquid bearing surface allows keys to move freely without noise even when there is excessive play in the mechanism. There is nothing better for silencing rollers and key pivots. Learn More
  3. Ultimax Cork Lubricant

    Starting at $6.04

    Ultimax Cork Lubricant is the perfect cork grease. Ultimax lubricants are safe and inert, meaning they will not break down adhesives like those that hold cork to the instrument. Ultimax Cork Lubricant is also safe for use on hard rubber and wood, it will not damage wooden clarinet bodies or hard rubber mouthpieces. More than just being safe, Ultimax Cork Lubricant holds moisture in the cork keeping the cork soft and pliable. This allows cork to last longer and retain its shape, enabling it to function more effectively. Learn More
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8 Items