Pearl Holders and Replacement Side Key Forks
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  1. Neo Pad (Pat. Pend.) Accessories

    Starting at $0.48

    Neo Pad (Patent Pending) Spuds are easily replaceable and changeable. Neo Pad Spuds come in 2 different diameters, 5mm and 8mm. Choosing which diameter Spud to use will be determined by the pad size.

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  2. Replacement Hinge Rod Stock

    Starting at $9.49

    This hinge rod stock is what we use in the Sax ProShop.  It’s made from oil hardened 01 tool steel, and available in the most common diameters for woodwind instruments.  Each order is 36” in length, cut in half for shipping unless otherwise requested.

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  3. Replacement Forks for Side Keys

    Starting at $8.22

    Have a MKVI or Yamaha with a noisy ball and pin mechanism? You can replace that mechanism with one of these forks. This is a common modification in the Sax ProShop and these are made from solid brass. Two Sizes: 34.25mm 30.25mm

    For more photos of the modifications please click here

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  4. Selmer Style Thumb Hooks Parts

    Starting at $4.60

    These replacement parts were modeled after the Mark VI right hand Thumb Hook. The components will fit vintage Selmer saxophones from early Mark VI through S-80 Series II. Please note the Tear Drop and Screw will not work with Selmer Series III saxophones. In addition, they can be used as replacement parts on other brands of Saxophones that are in the Selmer Style. These will also work with the Gold Plated Thumb Hook. Plastic hook not included. Learn More
  5. Pearl Holders

    Starting at $5.06

    These solid brass parts are an essential part of any techs arsenal. Solder right into the horn. The 15.5mm pearl holder is the standard size in the Sax ProShop as they easily fit the Selmer style pearls. Two sizes: 15.5mm 11.5mm Learn More
  6. Minibal Joints

    Starting at $18.03

    Minibal Joints are universal ball joints that can be used on woodwind and brasswind instruments at points of linkage. These joints are easily installed and only require minor alterations to the instrument to complete the job. Each joint has a ball-shaped head that rotates in any direction. They move silently without resistance and transform clunky key work into a reliable, smooth action. At the Sax ProShop we frequently install these on Buescher low C# keys. If necessary, use UltiMax Low Key Oil to lubricate the ball in the nickel-silver housing. Made from stainless steel. Learn More
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8 Items