Saxophone Pearls

These genuine mother of pearl saxophone key buttons are available in concave, convex, Keilwerth Style and Selmer Style. 

Our Keilwerth style pearls are made of solid mother of pearl or Abalone. We machined the groove in the back to fit on the key with little or no modification. You can install these pearls with super glue or epoxy.

Our abalone pearls feel and perform exactly like our well known MOP key touches. They only differ in the way they look, and they look amazing!


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  1. MusicMedic Saxophone Pearls

    Starting at $5.75

    Our line of stainless steel and hard anodized aircraft aluminum saxophone pearls feel great and look striking! Finally, there are pearls that offer ergonomic options and long lasting alternatives to natural pearl! Learn More
  2. Pearl Holders

    Starting at $5.06

    These solid brass parts are an essential part of any techs arsenal. Solder right into the horn. The 15.5mm pearl holder is the standard size in the Sax ProShop as they easily fit the Selmer style pearls. Two sizes: 15.5mm 11.5mm Learn More
  3. Large Pearl Square
    Out of stock
    The Large Pearl Square can be shaped and polished to a desired size to fit your side keys, palm keys, or your own custom palm key risers! This genuine mother of pearl chunk has a natural consistency but size may vary from piece to piece. This allows technicians to replace side or palm key inlays on vintage King and other instruments. Dimensions: 26.5mm x 26.5mm Thickness: 11mm Learn More
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12 Items