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Bench Scalpels with Standard and Sickle shaped blades. Surgical Precision or Traditional Single edged blades sold in bulk will help you make the cut!
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  1. Material Snips
    These small spring loaded shears are a great addition to any bench for cutting thin and small materials accurately and precisely. Learn More
  2. The Worlds Best Scraper Set

    We didn't name it- NOGA did.... and they are the experts in precision scrapers. Features two High Speed Steel blades with three sharpened ends in total

    The 3 Piece High Speed Steel Blade Hand Deburring Tool Set includes:

    • D75 blade for small hole edges
    • T80 blade for straight edges and larger holes
    • Universal handle

    Both blades feature a triangular blade cross section and a hollow grind. The Universal handle is also great as a handle for small, round-shafted files and tools

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  3. Snap Knife

    Ideal for precision cutting of a variety of materials such as cutting cork, UltraSuede, Telfon sheets and great for when you need a fresh, sharp edge for a tough to cut material.

    Each snap-off blade provides 12 sharp cutting points.

    Carbon steel blade with safety lock ensures the blade stays covered or exposed during handing or use.

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  4. Single Edge Razor Blades
    Stronger and sharper than most blades you will find at local hardware stores, these industrial strength, coated stainless steel razor blades are the industry standard. Learn More
  5. Standard Bench Scalpel

    Starting at $11.44

    Precise cuts are easy with this tool. The blades for this knife are sharper than most single edge razor blades and stay sharper longer.

    Note: #20 blade ONLY fits with #4 handle

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  6. Sickle Blade Bench Scalpel

    Starting at $11.44

    Our sickle shape scalpel blade is used frequently at our materials and set up benches. You can use this blade to remove material from hard to reach places on any instrument.

    Note: #12 blade ONLY fits with #3 handle

    Learn More
  7. Combination India Oil Stone
    Double-sided sharpening stone with fine grit and coarse grit. Ideal for hand-sharpening knives, scrapers, and lathe bits. We keep our shop tools sharp using this stone and Ultimax Key Oil. Learn More
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9 Items