Vintage Restored Saxophones

Vintage Restored Saxophones
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  1. Buescher Curved Soprano Saxophone-35 Sale
    Buescher Curved Soprano Saxophone-35
    Special Price $6,460.00 Regular Price $6,800.00
    This beautiful Buescher Curved Soprano has a ton of greatness packed into a little body.  It was Uberhauled, refinished in satin silver with bright highlights, and it received modifications for a one-of-a-kind look and feel. This instrument is now a beautiful and useful tool for the modern saxophonist looking for the classic vintage sound.  Learn More
  2. Selmer SBA Tenor Saxophone Sale
    Selmer SBA Tenor Saxophone
    Special Price $8,900.00 Regular Price $9,500.00
    For sale is a 1949 Selmer Super Balanced Action Tenor, serial number #408XX. This freshly Uberhauled and legendary horn comes with Chocolate RooPads with gold plated domed metal resonators. It has all new synthetic materials, pearls, and gold plated needle springs. The engraving was faint so the engraving was restored in-house but we left the lacquer as-is. Learn More
  3. Martin Committee Tenor Saxophone Walker Finish Sale
    Martin Committee Tenor Saxophone Walker Finish
    Special Price $5,125.00 Regular Price $5,695.00

    This beautiful Martin tenor features a re-engraved gold floral design that really stands out against the satin finish! The tinted finish has a vintage style patina that is coated with clear lacquer. This is a wonderfully unique horn with tremendous character. It's looks will entice you in and the huge sound will blow everyone away! 


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  4. Buescher Aristocrat Baritone Saxophone-70
    Out of stock
    This screamin’ bari has a satin silver body, smooth keys, smooth engraving, and a gold wash bell.  It has a Wilmington brand neck made in-house that features heavy walled construction for excellent warmth and tone and a slightly redesigned taper for improved intonation and response. The action and feel is smooth, fast, and comfortable. You will not find a better playing Buescher Bari.  Learn More
  5. Buescher TrueCrat Tenor-92

    Our TrueCrat is truly a unique Buescher Tenor Uberhaul from the Sax ProShop!
    We took a True Tone Body and re-engineered the left and right hand tables, as well as both pinky clusters to make this the most ergonomically satisfying Buescher tenor available. 


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  6. Martin Committee Tenor Saxophone-92

    Martin tenors are unique American made horns with beveled soldered on tone holes, wire bell key guards, and lots of floral engraving. They are revered for their full, dark tone.

    This tenor has received a complete Uberhaul with full mechanical and cosmetic restorations with extensive modifications!

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  7. Selmer Alto Saxophone. The Dorsey Model Sale
    Selmer Alto Saxophone. The Dorsey Model
    Special Price $7,195.00 Regular Price $7,995.00
    The Sax Proshop had a blast on the Uberhaul of this beautiful 1939 Selmer Dorsey model alto. For those of you who don't know, this is a very rare Selmer. The body tube is all Balanced Action, while the bell is from the earlier Radio Improved models, including retro-fit left hand table and bell to body brace. Learn More
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7 Items