Keywork Adjustment

Keywork Adjustment
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  1. Flute Post Moving Lever

    The Flute Post Moving Lever has been redesigned with a light weight aluminum handle for a well-balanced precision tool that feels good in your hands. 

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  2. Ultimate Post Counterbore Set

    The Ultimate Post CounterBore Set will allow you to counter bore posts for most tapered pivot screws in woodwind keys at any angle.

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  3. Bench Top Tool Holder
    Out of stock
    Keep commonly used pad slicks and levers right at your finger tips to quickly organize your bench top! Learn More
  4. Artisan Pad Slicks
    Our artisan pad slicks were designed for professional technicians who do padding day in and day out. These are made from stainless steel, with an aircraft aluminum handle that is well balanced and feels good in the hands. The pad slick itself is offset from the handle to allow clearance around resonators, allowing you to easily adjust the back of a pad. They come in three sizes to give you plenty of working surface for various size woodwind pads and instruments. Learn More
  5. Open Hole Flute Tool

    This compact 2-in-1 tool will streamline your open hole flute padding.  It tackles two common problems that occur during the padding process: bushings (or grommets) getting spread, and pad cup chimneys getting crushed in. 

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  6. Hinge Tube Cutter Set

    Hinge Tube Cutter Set

    Our Hinge Tube Shortening and Post Facing Set makes it faster and easier to achieve low friction and maximum surface contact in your key fitting.

    Replacement cutters available separately. Looking for parts?

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  7. Bench Bottles 10mL (5 Pack)
    If you're looking for an affordable supply of needle oilers for general shop use, you found it! Learn More
  8. Saxophone Key Adjustment Levers

    Starting at $2.50

    These levers are designed to adjust the angle between key arms, key feet and compound keys on saxophone. Precise adjustment of the key and arm angles without changing key cup orientation is easy using this tool.

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  9. Woodwind Spring Bending Levers

    Starting at $19.85

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    Our Spring Bending Levers were developed with the help of the technicians in the Sax ProShop. These tools allow you to quickly and accurately tension springs on an instrument without having to remove the keys! Made from tool steel, each lever comes in a unique S-shape with a pair of machined slots. Springs can be easily adjusted in any direction simply by making use of each side of the tool. The S-curve also increases the leverage while bending. Between our three sizes you will be able to adjust any size needle spring on any woodwind instrument. Learn More
  10. Double-Sided Spring Hook in Case

    Starting at $13.25

    High quality double sided steel spring hook with a textured steel grip. Each end of the hook is grooved for pushing needle springs into place and hooked for pulling springs onto cradles. Comes in a handy carrying case. The Small Tip Double Sided Spring Hook is made to get in between keys and the body on smaller woodwind instruments, including flutes, soprano/sopranino saxes, piccolos, and oboes.

    Length: 157 mm. or 6.18 in. Learn More
  11. Wooden Key Wedges
    Key wedges work very well to hold keys closed during repair. Key wedges are useful when holding keys closed to check for and remove leaks in woodwind instruments, as well as wedging keys closed overnight to seat pads. They can also be used to hold keys shut during shipping.

    Package of 25 wedges Learn More
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12 Items