Misc Pliers

Lightweight and Heavy-Duty specialty pliers from MusicMedic.
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  1. Knipex Rod Cutting Pliers

    These compact yet powerful cutters are made with all of the quality you expect from Knipex, but you may be surprised at how easily they handle when cutting through hard wires, rod stock, needle springs, etc. Save time and give these Knipex Rod Cutting Pliers a premium spot on the bench.  

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  2. Knipex Round Nose Pliers

    These Knipex pliers are extremely high quality with a solid box joint construction and well-toleranced smooth round jaws.

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  3. Rod Straightening Pliers

    This tool was designed and manufactured at MusicMedic in Wilmington, North Carolina. After years of unpredictable results with hammer handles the frustrated technicians in the ProShop asked that we design a tool for straightening rods that consistently produces a straight rod.

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  4. Knipex Flat Jaw Needle Nose Pliers

    Starting at $55.20

    Our Knipex Needle Nose Pliers are great for getting into tough to reach places! These pliers have a gentle taper to the jaws and are fairly thin. Letting you get access to rods that are hard to reach!

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  5. Bent Nose Pliers
    Out of stock
    These simple pliers are likely to be your first grab when assembling and disassembling. Learn More
  6. Flat Nose Pliers

    Starting at $15.53

    These Flat nosed Pliers have a narrow beak and smooth jaws. They are perfect for grabbing springs, bending keys, and many other shops use. The narrow jaws are very good for reaching in places that your Duckbill pliers will not reach.

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  7. Xuron Spring Shear Pliers

    Our Spring Shear Pliers are excellent for cutting Spring Wire and Needle Springs and giving a highly workable square edge.

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  8. Knipex Plier Wrenches

    Starting at $79.88

    German-made Knipex pliers are a superior tool for gripping, holding, and bending parts. The smooth and parallel nickel-plated jaws will not mar keys or hardware. They are easy to use in most instances that parallel pliers are used. These pliers use a push button to change the jaw opening between the 13 different positions. Learn More
  9. Knipex Diagonal Cutters

    If you're looking for a cutter that will handle spring after spring without wear out you found it. As usual, Knipex has made a tool that is superior quality that will likely work longer than you do. They can cut through the thickest of needle springs with ease and show no wear.

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  10. Brass Jawed Pliers
    These brass jawed pliers are excellent for gripping key work. The brass lined jaws will decrease the chances of marring to the key. Learn More
  11. Round Nose Pliers
    The smooth round jaws on these pliers are excellent for bending thin metal. Round nose pliers are great for bending springs without kinking the wire. The small tip on these pliers reach into tight spaces where other spring bending pliers will not reach.

    Length: 4.5 in. or 114 mm Learn More
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12 Items