Pin Vises

A collection of Pin Vises for holding small parts and Feeler Gauge handles for leak detection. Perfect for using as a pad prick or for precision drilling and tapping.
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  1. The Worlds Best Scraper Set

    We didn't name it- NOGA did.... and they are the experts in precision scrapers. Features two High Speed Steel blades with three sharpened ends in total

    The 3 Piece High Speed Steel Blade Hand Deburring Tool Set includes:

    • D75 blade for small hole edges
    • T80 blade for straight edges and larger holes
    • Universal handle

    Both blades feature a triangular blade cross section and a hollow grind. The Universal handle is also great as a handle for small, round-shafted files and tools

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  2. Heavy Duty Pin Vise
    This double-sided pin vise is excellent for general repair shop use. The knurled handle and head are designed to be tightened by hand, making it quick to change tools or parts. The handle is hollow and the diameter of the head is nearly the same as the handle, which makes this an excellent pin vise to use when clearance is an issue. The hollow handle allows this pin vise to be chucked into a bench motor, even when working on a longer rod or screw. Because the threads on the handle of this tool and the collet inside are about the same length, it is possible to modify (cut) this collet making it only slightly longer than the head. This modified and very short collet will fit between posts on woodwind instruments. The steel collets will hold most parts that are 2.5mm (.1") in diameter or smaller. Handle length with both heads attached: 4.25” (108mm) Learn More
  3. Double-Sided Pin Vise with Hex Heads
    This double-sided collet pin vise is excellent for holding small parts. The knurled handle and hex heads make holding and clamping simple, as a wrench can be used. Although there is a collet head on both sides, one head can be removed to take advantage of the thru-hole handle when working with longer screws or rods. The collets in this vise are keyed to keep them from rotating in the handle. Collets will hold parts .1" or 2.5mm and smaller. Handle length with both heads attached: 4" (100mm) Learn More
  4. Square Head Solid Brass Pin Vise

    This high quality pin vise has a nut shaped head and knurled handle making it easy to tighten down by hand or with a wrench. The square head also keeps the tool from rolling around a bench. This pin vise has well-machined threads and tapers for a smooth feel and even closure. The thru-hole handle can be chucked into a bench motor or lathe to hold anything secure in the collet. Comes with two steel collets, which are keyed to keep them from rotating in the tool. The second collet can be stored securely in the back of the handle when not in use. Handle length including collet: 4" (100mm) Thru hole in collet handle: .25" (6mm) Collets will hold most round parts from .059" (1.5mm) and smaller.

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  5. Machinist Style Pin Vise
    This double-sided pin vise is an excellent pin vise for holding small parts. The entire handle and tightening ends are knurled for easy hand-tightening. This tool is double-headed so both sides of the pin vise are collet vises. This makes losing a collet impossible and saves time, as changing collets is never necessary. The handle is hollow so it is possible to remove one collet and use this vise in a bench motor to hold small parts even when a through hole is needed. The collets in this tool are threaded into the handle and keyed. Unlike other collets, the closing is achieved by drawing the collet into the tool rather than tightening a nut over the tapered head of the collet. The key keeps the collet from spinning in the tool. These two features together make tightening the collet fast and easy. Collets together will hold all parts smaller than .065" or 1.6mm. Handle length with both heads attached: 3.86” (98.28mm) Learn More
  6. Plastic Handled Rotating Pin Vise
    This sturdy and comfortable pin vise is perfect for precision drilling and tapping. The plastic, ball-shaped handle rests in the palm leaving the finger tips free to turn the knurled collet-grip. The two collets included with this pin vise will hold most small drill bits and small taps up to a 3.5mm shank.

    Length: 3.56 inches or 9cm. Learn More
  7. Wooden Handled Pin Vise
    This wooden handled pin vise is excellent for many jobs around the shop. Unlike our plastic handled pin vise, this unit is a solid one piece tool; the handle and the collect move together. This pin vise is ideal for non-drilling tasks. In our shop we use it as a scribe and a handle for gravers. This pin vise is also perfect for holding hooked pad pricks and needle files. Includes two collets.

    Length: 3.56 inches or 9cm. Learn More
  8. Deluxe Swivel Head Pin Vise
    This is our most versatile pin vise. With four collets stored inside the handle of the tool, the swivel pin vise will handle most jobs in less time. The large knurled handle and tension adjuster hold any tool up to 1/8 inch diameter without slipping. The hex end of this pin vise rotates separately from the handle for easy turning. We use this tool in our shop for most precision drilling tasks.

    Length: 3.9 inches or 99 mm. Learn More
  9. Graver Handle with Two Collets
    The Graver Handle is different from a pin vise handle in that the collet tip rotates with the handle. The position of the collet and handle allow the tool to remain in the fixed position. Though the handle is not useful for drilling purposes, it works great for engraving, deburring, for use with a cutting broach or any process that requires a back and forth motion rather than a full circular drilling type motion. This graver comes with two collets: The small collet ranges from 0 to .030” (0 to .78mm) The Large collet ranges from .066” to .097” (1.68mm to 2.48mm) Handle length including collet: 3” (77mm) Learn More
  10. Pin Vise Set
    A good pin vise set is a must for any woodwind bench. We chose this set because it is made well, versatile, and the handles are hollow. This set covers 0mm - 4.8mm. The hollow handles allow rod stock and hinge rods to slip through the handle while the end is held firmly in the chuck. We use these pin vises in for nearly every application in the shop including drilling, tapping, threading, leveling pads (as a pad prick) and more. This set comes oiled in a box with a vinyl carrying case.

    Length 3.34 inches or 8.5cm to 4.13 inches or 10.5cm. Learn More
  11. Pin Vise/Pad Prick
    Out of stock
    This tiny little pin vise is very useful around the woodwind shop. We use this tool to hold needle springs to use as pin pricks for leveling pads. The light-weight handle allows for exceptional control when removing leaks. This small pin vise will also hold tiny drill bits and includes 4 different collet sizes. A needle spring is included too!

    Length 3.25 inches Learn More
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11 Items