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  1. Alternative Saxophone Repair Techniques Video - DVD
    This 45 minute video is full of great repair tricks and tips and is the perfect companion to Steve's previous video 'Saxophone Repair with Steve Goodson'. Learn More
  2. 100+1 Saxen: The Collection of Leo Van Oostrom
    This book provides excellent photographic documentation of the beginning and the evolution of the saxophone. Leo Van Oostrom's collection of saxophones and their ancestors as photographed by Peter Cox. Learn More
  3. The Clarinet Revealed
    If you play or repair clarinets, this book is a must read. Ernest Ferron discusses in detail many aspects of the clarinet. The book is divided into four sections: How The Clarinet Works Repairs-Special Jobs Making Some Special Tools 109 pages total Learn More
  4. The Saxophone is my Voice
    If you play or repair saxophones, this book is an absolute must read. Ernest Ferron discusses saxophone in detail. This book is divided into three categories: How the saxophone functions Repairs - Adjustment and Harmonization 117 pages total with diagrams. Learn More
  5. A Guide to Repairing Woodwinds
    Ronald Saska`s Guide to repairing woodwinds is a wonderfully complete and well organized book that takes you through the repair and diagnosis process step by step. Originally written as a text for a woodwind repair course, many of today`s top repair techs got a solid start from this book. Learn More
  6. Mouthpiece Refacing with Steve Goodson DVD
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    Steve shows you how to make any mouthpiece play better. Topics include leveling the table, measuring the facing, adjusting the curve, narrowing the side rails, installing a baffle, and much more. Learn More
  7. Basic Clarinet Repair and Maintenance
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    If a picture is worth a thousand words, then Tom Ridenour’s Basic Clarinet Repair and Maintenance videos spare you the tedium of reading thousands of words and pouring over diagrams and drawings. Tom teaches you how to keep your clarinet in top playing shape and perform the most critical clarinet repairs by the tried and trusted learning method of show and tell.

    Learn More
  8. The Steve Goodson Saxophone Repair Video
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    Two hours of intensive instruction on the secrets to a great overhaul! Tools and techniques are clearly illustrated in a comprehensive, step by step approach. Topics covered include:
    • pad selection and installation
    • resonator installation
    • spring removal and replacement
    • dent removal
    • and much, much more!
    Learn More
  9. Complete Guide to the Flute and Piccolo
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    The new edition of the Complete Guide to the Flute and Piccolo by J. James Phelan is a extraordinary book. A compendium of essential information every flutist will want to own! This well-researched, easy-to-read guide to basic design and maintenance of the flute and piccolo should be a part of every flutist's library. An indispensable resource. Learn More
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9 Items