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Natural and TechCork sheets and Assortments, Sorbothane, Ultra Suede and Sheet Teflon.
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  1. Blue Monster Teflon Tape
    The Blue Monster PTFE tape is hands down the best Teflon tape we’ve ever seen. This tape is stronger, thicker and easier to use then traditional Teflon tape. Learn More
  2. Black Magic Foam

    Starting at $5.38

    This high-tech foam has open-cell construction and smooth surface texture for easy gluing. This medium soft foam can be sanded with fine sandpaper but wears and rebounds well in a wide range of temperatures. Great for applications where vibration and an impact noise are a problem.

    Learn More
  3. Bulk Saxophone Neck Cork

    Starting at $27.83

    Stop wasting your sheet cork! saxophone neck cork will save you time and money with pre beveled and generously sized neck corks. Sold in multiples of 10, 50 and 100 Pcs. Learn More
  4. Snap Knife

    Ideal for precision cutting of a variety of materials such as cutting cork, UltraSuede, Telfon sheets and great for when you need a fresh, sharp edge for a tough to cut material.

    Each snap-off blade provides 12 sharp cutting points.

    Carbon steel blade with safety lock ensures the blade stays covered or exposed during handing or use.

    Learn More
  5. Natural Sheet Cork - Sheets - 6" x 4" (152.4mm x 101.6mm) - Sheets

    Starting at $9.78

    Natural Sheet Cork - Sheets - 6" x 4" (152.4mm x 101.6mm) - Sheets Learn More
  6. Protection Tape

    Starting at $45.43

    Protection Tape
    Blue Low-Tack Tape: 2mm thickness - 1 to 3 oz/in Tack- Low Density Polyethylene
    Clear Medium-Tack Tape: 4mm thickness - 4 to 8 oz/in Tack- Low Density Polyethylene

    Learn More
  7. Feeler Gauge Assortment

    This Feeler Gauge Assortment for your padding work. Included are 2 light weight handles with O-rings and thicknesses of feelr material:

    Silver: 0.0005"

    Amber 0.001"

    Red 0.002”

    Green 0.003”

    Learn More
  8. Ultra-Suede

    Starting at $4.31

    High-density Ultra-Suede which is an excellent silencer material.

    Learn More
  9. Natural Sheet Cork-Long Sheets - (100mm x 280mm)

    Starting at $30.65

    Out of stock

    Natural Sheet Cork-Long Sheets - (100mm x 280mm)

    Natural cork sheets for jobs that require a longer length or for larger cork tenons. Just a little smaller than 4 x 11 3/4 inches (sized in metric)

    Dense, high quality cork for specialty woodwind work.

    Learn More
  10. Natural Sheet Cork - Assortments (All 6 Thicknesses)

    Starting at $13.51

    Natural Sheet Cork - Assortments (All 6 Thicknesses) Learn More
  11. TechCork - Sheets - (125 mm x 100 mm) - Sheets

    Starting at $5.46

    Not to be confused with other similar products, MusicMedic Tech Cork is the band instrument repair industry standard for a non-compressing material between adjustment points and under key feet. Learn More
  12. TechCork - Assortments (13 Thicknesses)

    Starting at $68.94

    TechCork - Assortments (13 Thicknesses)

    Full (125mm x 100mm) 

    Half Sheet assortments (125mm x 50mm)

    TeckCork in 13 thicknesses.

    .3mm through 1.0mm in .1mm increments, 1.2mm,1.5mm, 1.8mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm.

    Learn More
  13. Sheet Teflon

    Starting at $1.67

    This sheet teflon® is chemically etched on one side to accept adhesives. Sheet teflon® is used to reduce friction in key mechanisms. Each sheet is 6in. x 4in. (152.4mm x 101.6mm). Learn More
  14. Sorbothane

    Starting at $10.75

    Sorbothane is a non-porous, synthetic material that is used to reduce and absorb vibrations. Convenient and easy to apply, this unique silencing material will prevent the "bounce" commonly experienced when a key foot hits the body of a saxophone.

    Learn More
  15. Very Thin Laminated Cork
    This very thin cork is two layers of super thin cork sheets laminated onto paper. The paper in the middle of this sheet cork gives the cork exceptional strength. This firm thin cork is an excellent silencing material even though it is only .3mm thick. Dimensions: 150mm x 100mm Learn More
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