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  1. The Wilmington Bass Saxophone Professional
    Out of stock
    You could buy another Bass Saxophone that’s more expensive or has a more well known name, but you can’t buy another bass that plays all the notes! The Wilmington Pro Bass Saxophone is the ONLY bass in the world that plays second octave D with the regular fingering, and that’s because it features our proprietary and revolutionary Altarac Vent. Learn More
  2. Silver Solder Wire, Brass Color Matching
    This high quality unique brass color matching Silver Soldering wire is amazing and is a must have for any technician brazing brass parts or keys to get the cleanest solder area! Learn More
  3. Brass Valve Felt Assortment
    Brass Valve Felt Assortment- an assortment of popular sizes of felt washers for Brass instrument valves. 30 pc per size. Learn More
  4. Sax Bell Rim Tools

    Starting at $285.60

    The sax bell tools are designed to reach dents and dings in the very outer edge and flare of the sax bell- allowing burnishing or rolling right up to the rolled edge- a spot that's really difficult to get with other conventional dent tools. Learn More
  5. Blue Monster Teflon Tape
    The Blue Monster PTFE tape is hands down the best Teflon tape we’ve ever seen. This tape is stronger, thicker and easier to use then traditional Teflon tape. Learn More
  6. The Wilmington Baritone Saxophone
    Out of stock

    Our Wilmington is a Bari built with the Bari player in mind, but easy to play so the doubler can still get that huge rich sound, even intonation, flexibility in tone, smooth ergonomics, beautiful engraving, and solid build quality!

    Learn More
  7. Micromesh Roll

    Starting at $87.00

    MircoMesh is amazing! You can sand a surface without damanging it while creating a polished smooth look and feel. Excellent for tenon fittings and finishing work. Sold in 1 inch x 50 Feet rolls. See Micromesh in action at 6:15 in the video.

    Learn More
  8. The Wilmington Bass Saxophone
    Out of stock
    Our Wilmington Bass Saxophone feels great and very solid, with keys that lay well under the hands almost like a baritone. The tone is even throughout, the intonation is remarkably good, and it responds well in all registers! This highly adjustable and repairable instrument undergoes extensive set-up at the Sax ProShop before it ships. Learn More
  9. Buescher Curved Soprano Saxophone-35 Sale
    Buescher Curved Soprano Saxophone-35
    Special Price $6,460.00 Regular Price $6,800.00
    This beautiful Buescher Curved Soprano has a ton of greatness packed into a little body.  It was Uberhauled, refinished in satin silver with bright highlights, and it received modifications for a one-of-a-kind look and feel. This instrument is now a beautiful and useful tool for the modern saxophonist looking for the classic vintage sound.  Learn More
  10. Tap and Die, Individual Standard

    Starting at $4.75

    Taps and Dies, individual standard sizes Learn More
  11. The Wilmington Tenor Saxophone

    Starting at $2,895.00

    The Wilmington tenor’s gold lacquered body is accented with a nickel plated bell that gives it a unique look and enhanced resonance. Two necks are included both in gold lacquered finish and nickel plated finish. Your Wilmington Tenor will arrive to you, set-up, play-tested, and adjusted in house at the Sax ProShop. Learn More
  12. Ultimate Tap & Die Set
    Out of stock

    Our Ultimate Tap & Die Set includes the most popular Metric AND Standard sizes for band repair! This allows you to repair or make parts for countless instrument brands. This is the most complete set available for the thread sizes we encounter in the musical repair trade.

    Learn More
  13. Ultimate Post Counterbore Set
    Out of stock

    The Ultimate Post CounterBore Set will allow you to counter bore posts for most tapered pivot screws in woodwind keys at any angle.

    Learn More
  14. Flute Pad Iron
    Out of stock
    Our Flute Pad Iron is thoughtfully designed with years of research to create a tool that will cover the widest range of flute brands. Learn More
  15. Tap and Die, Individual Metric

    Starting at $7.25

    Taps and Dies individual metric sizes. Learn More
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