Dent Removal Tools

Why stainless steel?

We chose to make this tool from stainless steel.  We know we’re spending our customers’ money, because that means that the tool price is higher.  Stainless steel costs more to buy and more to machine, and it’s harder to machine. So, why do it?  

We’re creating more and more tools that we hope will last a lifetime, and we think that’s worth a little more cost upfront.  Stainless steel is harder and stronger, and it’s much longer lasting because it isn’t susceptible to corrosion. 

At the Sax ProShop, I didn’t want my customers to see rusty tools in the shop, and I’m sure every other technician and shop owner can relate!  But regular steel tools rust quickly due to chemicals used in the industry, like vaporized flux, and it requires technicians to spend a lot of time polishing tools and coating them with oil, instead of doing what they do best. 

Stainless steel is also great because it’s non-magnetic.  Our tools won’t collect fillings and shavings, and that means you don’t have to worry about damaging brass with metal debris while you’re doing dent work.

Lastly, out of pride, I don't want to have the MusicMedic name on some rusty tool.  I want tools with my company’s name on it to be the best, to shine bright, so we make tools out of stainless even though we must sell them at a lower profit margin.

Thanks for choosing stainless steel and MusicMedic!

Just received my dent rod and oblong slotted dent ball. Never used one before. I thought it through, worked carefully and took my time. Removed a thumbprint size dent that was below the thumb rest on a 1946 Conn 6M. It turned out great. The thumb rest was pushed in a little too. Fixed that also. Wow, it turned out great. 
Thank you!
John McEverett
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  1. Slide-Lock Roller Tool

    Starting at $75.00

    This remarkable tool is the most versatile dent roller on the market and is nothing short of amazing when considering how many applications it can be used for. It outperforms traditional rollers by giving you access to hard-to-reach places, and saves shop space and money by doing the job of many tools with just one. The Slide-Lock Roller Tool was proudly designed and manufactured in-house at MusicMedic in Wilmington, NC.

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  2. Collet Box for Sizing Collets
    Keep all of your Collets for your Tenon Shrinker clean and well organized with this handy acrylic box made at our shop in Wilmington, NC USA. Learn More
  3. Sax Bell Rim Tools

    Starting at $285.60

    The sax bell tools are designed to reach dents and dings in the very outer edge and flare of the sax bell- allowing burnishing or rolling right up to the rolled edge- a spot that's really difficult to get with other conventional dent tools. Learn More
  4. Tear Drop Dent Balls

    This set of 3 tear drop shape dent balls are made  of  magnetic stainless steel and polished to a high finish. Tear drop shape and a sharper radius behind the midpoint of the the ball works especially well for raking or rebounding dent removal procedures. Also great for use in saxophone bows. Comes with a sturdy plastic stand for any three dent balls tapped for 1/2 inch 13 threads.

    Thread size: 1/2"-13

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  5. Economy Tenon Sizing Tool
    Out of stock

    The Economy Tenon Sizing Tool resulted from customer requests to make a less expensive version of our Tenon Sizing Tool. This version features the same stainless steel construction and CNC craftmanship, but without the added cost and complexity of the adjustable cam system of the original tool. Shrinking is done with a twist of the included oversized handle.

    Collets sold separately here: Tenon Shrinking Collets

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  6. Brass Mouthpiece Shank Tool
    Brass Mouthpiece Shank Tool Our Brass Mouthpiece Shank Tool allows you to true up the shank of any size brass mouthpiece easily. This is a traditional tool in the band repair industry and has been used by technicians and band teachers for many years. Normally this tool comes with a T-handle and can be forced into the shank of the mouthpiece, causing damage to the mouthpiece shank by unskilled users. We removed the T from our tool and replaced it with a handy key chain! This keeps unskilled users from shoving the mandrel into the mouthpiece shank and over expanding it. The safest method of restoring your mouthpiece shank to true round is to insert the tool into the shank, and tap with a rawhide mallet to bring it back to round. This method will prevent damage to the mouthpiece and keep it playing great! Made of stainless steel at our facility in Wilmington, NC USA. Learn More
  7. Red Wing Mouthpiece Taper Tool set

    From $18.50

    To $192.50

    Damage in lead pipes near the mouthpiece receiver is a common occurrence- this handy tool set allows you to round out the mouthpiece receiver and adjust the leadpipe on nearly any brass instrument. Learn More
  8. Open Hole Flute Tool
    Out of stock

    This compact 2-in-1 tool will streamline your open hole flute padding.  It tackles two common problems that occur during the padding process: bushings (or grommets) getting spread, and pad cup chimneys getting crushed in. 

    Learn More
  9. Tenon Sizing Collets

    Starting at $0.00

    Each collet contains a notch to lock into the tool so that when you move the neck, the collet will not spin.
    A variety of collets in .5mm increments.

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  10. Tenon Sizing Tool

    This Tenon Sizing Tool resulted from a big dream, and a desire to create a lifetime tool with absolute precision and predictability.  The result is a magnificent stainless-steel masterpiece directly from our shop in Wilmington, NC. Size your flute tenons and soprano, alto, tenor, baritone, and bass saxophone tenons with ease. 

    Collets sold separately here: Tenon Shrinking Collets

    Learn More
  11. Tone Hole Checker Set

    Beautiful, sleek, stainless steel. We created these in the Sax ProShop and have been using them for years.

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  12. Alto Sax Dent Barrel

    An deal shape for pushing for rebounding dents out of an alto saxophone body tube.
    Machined with smooth radius edges from rust-resistant magnetic stainless steel. Slotted to allow the dent barrel to pass through the neck end of the saxophone without removing the body octave pip or removing the bow.

    Learn More
  13. Tenor Sax Dent Barrel
    Sized to work in all areas of the body tube, the tenor sax dent barrel is heavy enough to rebound up pushed in posts but shaped to provide great control in working out smaller dents and creases too. Slotted to allow the dent barrel to pass through the neck end of the saxophone without removing the body octave pip or removing the bow. Learn More
  14. Dent Barrel - No. 7
    Out of stock

    Sized to work in larger diameter tubes, This dent barrel has a more pronounced profile for raising stubborn dents. Great for the bottom end of Tenor and Baritone saxes and saxophone bell sections. Machined with smooth radius edges from rust-resistant magnetic stainless steel.

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  15. Saxophone Body Mandrels

    Starting at $239.08

    The Stainless Steel Saxophone Body Mandrels will change the way you do dent work. These revolutionary mandrel sections were designed by the Sax ProShop team to give you the right taper, no matter which part of the body tube you're working on.

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