Bench Top Tool Holder

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Keep commonly used pad slicks and levers right at your finger tips to quickly organize your bench top!

Our Bench Top Tool Holder allows you to conveniently store any of our hand tools that use the MusicMedic handle. Made of lightweight acrylic, this tool holder has holes that are laser cut that can hold the MusicMedic handle vertically or horizontally on your bench. The foam insert inside the holder grips MusicMedic handles and keeps them secure.

The holder has 12 holes for storage of handles and other small items on your bench. Works with our Artisan Pad Slicks, Key Bending Levers, Flute Post Bending lever and anything else you see fit. It's your bench keep it clean baby!

Dimensions: Inches: 5.25 x 3.00 x 3.07 (33.55mm x 76.24mmx 78.18mm)