Rivet setting punches, Numbering and Lettering Sets.
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  1. Buescher Hole Punch

    Starting at $15.18

    Buescher Hole Punch Set

    If you’ve ever tried to line up a punch over the existing hole on a pad to cut it larger, you know the frustration of centering the new-larger hole. With the Buescher Hole Punch, you can now use your own existing pad stock with no resonators on Buescher True Tone and Aristocrat saxophones and get the hole perfectly centered and the correct size every time. 

    All replacement parts are available individually. 

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  2. MusicMedic Bench Press Replacement Parts

    Starting at $17.65

    Keep your MusicMedic Bench Press working like new by replacing heavily worn parts without hassle.  We’ll be adding new accessories to the site as they are created because we see this tool as an evolving multi-purpose dream come true.

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  3. MusicMedic.com Bench Press

     It allows you to customize all of your pads with the resonators of your choice, so it’s a great way to streamline your saxophone pad stock and offer pro upgrades.

    Replacement punches and rivet splitters available separately. Looking for parts?

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  4. Open Hole Flute Pad Punch
    This Open Hole Flute Pad Punch set is made entirely at MusicMedic.com in Wilmington, NC. Easily turn regular flute pads into Open Hole Flute Pads and benefit by minimizing your stock. Learn More
  5. Rivet Punch

    The Low Profile Rivet Punch is made in the USA at MusicMedic.com. Use for installing resonators on saxophone pads. Constructed of highest quality hardened steel, the unique design splits the rivet close to the pad backing so that the rivet won't protrude beyond the edge of the leather wrapped around the back of the pad.

    Purchasing pads without resonators decreases inventory and allows resonators to be sized to tone holes. This tool will work with all metal resonators that use rivets, including Seamless Domed resonators.

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  6. Letter Punches
    Hardened Steel letter punches are excellent for marking instrument bodies or keys. Includes 27 punches, letters A-Z plus the ampersand.

    Length: 2.5 inches or 64mm. Learn More
  7. Figure Punches
    Hardened Steel number punches are excellent for marking instrument bodies or keys. Includes 9 punches, numbers 0-9 (the 6 and the 9 are the same punch).

    Length: 2.5 inches or 64mm. Learn More
  8. Cutting and Punching Bench Block
    This cutting or punching block is excellent for shop work. It is large enough to be very useful in the shop and is made from the high density plastic that will not dull blades. Use this block to cut corks and felts at the bench or under any hole punches to keep their blades sharp.

    4 inches (101 mm) square Learn More
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8 Items