Hard Soldering

Silver Alloy Rods and Rolls.
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  1. Silver Solder Wire, Brass Color Matching
    This high quality unique brass color matching Silver Soldering wire is amazing and is a must have for any technician brazing brass parts or keys to get the cleanest solder area! Learn More
  2. Silver Solder Wire

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    When brazing multiple joints on one part, it is essential to have Silver that flows at various temperatures. These Silver Solders are the highest quality available. Choose your strength by melting point. These solders do not contain cadmium. Easy Melting Point:1240 F / 671 C Medium Melting Point:1275 F / 691 C Hard Melting Point:1365 F / 741 C 1 ounce of .31 inch wire Learn More
  3. Silver Alloy Soldering Rods

    Starting at $14.95

    Once you try these silver alloy soldering rods you won't want to use anything else when brazing. These alloy rods contain silver and have a flux core that eliminates the need for extra flux or cleaning agents. This very low temperature silver solder produces a strong, permanent bond with a finish that easily matches brass. Melting temperature is 1275 degrees Fahrenheit, or 691 degrees Celsius. We have found this Silver Solder to be perfect for repairing keys when there is one repair needed or when heating nearby brazed joints. Burning lacquer or overheating plating is a concern. 6 inch Length x .031 inch Thickness. (15 cm x 0.79 mm) Learn More
  4. Solder Paste with Flux- Easy
    This syringe contains silver solder with flux. It allows you to place the correct amount of solder and flux at the exact point it is needed. This syringe eliminates waste and reduces clean up time. The Solder in this syringe contains no cadmium. Melting point is 1240 degrees Fahrenheit or 671 degrees Celsius. 1 ounce syringe Learn More
  5. Creamy Silver Brazing Flux
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    After testing every Silver solder Flux we could find, we found this cream flux to leave the nicest and smoothest joints the first time. This Silver Brazing Flux is excellent when fixing broken keys or for other hard soldering applications. It protects parts from oxidation and also slows discoloration. The working temperature range is 1100-1350 degrees Fahrenheit or 593-732 degrees Celsius. You can use hot water to remove any excess flux. If the flux dries simply add water until creamy. 1.5 ounce container Learn More
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6 Items