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  1. PadMagic
    Sticky pads are noisy, cumbersome, and hugely disruptive to a saxophonist. Although no pad powder lasts forever,'s PadMagic offers the longest lasting results of any pad powder on the market. PadMagic is a blend of 7 unique compounds that combat pad stickiness in several ways. PadMagic preserves and conditions the leather and forms a micro-thin non-stick surface on the pad and its tone hole, which helps prevent build-up that leads to stickiness. This effective pad solution comes with two microfiber cloths, one for cleaning and one for application. Learn More
  2. Sterisol Disinfectant
    Sterisol Cleans, disinfects and deodorizes brass and woodwind mouthpieces and parts. Will not harm hard rubber mouthpieces. Learn More
  3. Clarinet Bolt-on Alternate E-flat Key

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    With Rice Clarinet Works' Bolt-on Alternate E-flat Key, you'll be able to quickly and easily install the two main parts with simple hand tools (wrench included). Plus, it's completely removable at any time.

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    Starting at $69.00

    Custom-length Carbon Fiber pegs for bass clarinet

    Available in 12” ,15” or 24" lengths

    Fits most fit Buffet, Selmer, and Yamaha Bass clarinets

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  5. RCW Carbon Fiber Clarinet Pins for Buffet Clarinets

    Rice Clarinet Works Carbon Fiber Clarinet Pins for Buffet Clarinets-

    The nylon clarinet pins on left hand B and C# are a notorious weak point on newer Buffet clarinets. They are prone to breakage, usually at the worst time, and as the nylon ages it becomes even more brittle.

    These carbon fiber clarinet pins are handmade to the exact size and shape of the nylon pins they replace. Carbon fiber is extremely light, so the clarinet will feel exactly the same as before. However, because carbon fiber is up to six times stronger than steel there is no worry of ever breaking one of these pins. They will last the life of the clarinet, guaranteed.

    Sold in Pairs (2pcs)

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  6. Tuning Rings for Clarinet
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    Tuning Rings for Clarinet- by Rice Clarinet Works

    For Soprano Clarinet (Three-Ring Sets for middle joint or lower barrel sockets)


    0 .75mm,


    Machined from solid brass

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  7. MusicMedic Absorbent Clarinet and Flute Swab

    This beautiful and absorbent swab is perfect for Flute, Clarinet, Soprano Sax, Saxophone necks and many mouthpieces. This swab was designed by the pros at to be light weight and absorbent. This swab has a pull string on both ends with a weighted string on one side. Drop the weighted string through your instrument and grab it from the other side. With the swab in the instrument pull it back and forth using both strings. If you like to swab your instrument more than once to get it good and dry, this is the swab for you.

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9 Items