Repair Tools

The tool you just bought is brand new!  We dreamed it up, designed it, made prototypes, tested it, and built it in-house in Wilmington, NC.  Testing tools is one of the most challenging parts of the tool making process because we can't fathom all the different ways a tool will be used, how it can be successful, or how it might fail. For this reason, we really appreciate your comments and feedback.  We also give you our guarantee.  Of course, if there's a problem, we'll replace it.  If you don't like this tool, you can send it back.  It is also covered by our New Tool Policy, which means if we redesign this tool within the year, you can exchange the old one for a brand new redesigned one. 

If the redesign is based on your feedback you will get one AND our undying admiration.

One of the best parts about making tools in-house in the lean manufacturing style is that we can make changes and implement them immediately.  This gives us the opportunity to continuously improve, which is great because, like you, we're not satisfied with being "pretty good". 

Thanks for being our customer and thank you for your feedback!