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Tweezers and Clamps
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  1. Ultra Light Precision Tip Tweezers

    Starting at $11.21

    These light weight, precision tip tweezers make it incredibly convenient for holding, applying, and removing materials. The fine tips allow you to work in tight spaces even on the smallest of instruments. Use these for applying materials, corks, felts, and Ultra Suede, as well as handling flute shims and set screws. Learn More
  2. Composite Grip Cross Lock Tweezer

    Starting at $6.90

    From gluing corks to holding parts for soldering, this set of tweezers is a must have for the woodwind technician. The variety of tip shapes allows you to select the perfect tool for getting into hard to reach areas on any woodwind instrument. The molded handle on these tweezers protects a technicians hands from burns when soldering. These tweezers are sprung shut so you can place your part in the tweezers without holding the jaws closed. Learn More
  3. Hemostat Forceps
    These hemostat forceps have endless variety of uses in your shop. You can clamp them down to hold work for various tasks, or use it as that extra pair of hands you need. The multiple locking positions ensure a secure hold on whatever item you need to grasp. These are Stainless Steel, with serrated jaws, comfort handles and a satin finish. Learn More
  4. Steel Hand Vise
    This Steel Hand Vise holds key arms, guards, and small parts firmly for accurate filing, sawing, soldering, polishing, or modifying. With its hexagonal handle, this tool can either be held in the hand, as the name implies, or fastened securely in a bench vise. The smooth jaws will not mar keys or other small finished parts. The handle is hollow for small rods to pass through it if necessary. Simply tighten the screw to securely grip the part you are working on. The compact size and nifty design allows you to rotate your work piece quickly and effortlessly. Max Jaw Opening: 5mm (0.197") Jaw Depth: 10.5mm (0.414") Jaw Width: 17.0mm (0.675") Overall Length: 11.5cm (4.50") Learn More
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5 Items