Pad Slicks

Pad Slicks
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  1. Artisan Pad Slicks
    Our artisan pad slicks were designed for professional technicians who do padding day in and day out. These are made from stainless steel, with an aircraft aluminum handle that is well balanced and feels good in the hands. The pad slick itself is offset from the handle to allow clearance around resonators, allowing you to easily adjust the back of a pad. They come in three sizes to give you plenty of working surface for various size woodwind pads and instruments. Learn More
  2. Pad Leveling Rings
    We use Pad Leveling Rings as the first step to installing a pad in a saxophone. These tools give you a firm base for leveling without creating an impression in the pad by it coming into contact with the tone hole. Learn More
  3. Giant Double Sided Pad Slick

    This extra large pad slick is the perfect tool for leveling larger saxophone pads. The large and thin blades on this tool make it simple to reach the back and sides of the largest pads. The wide blade and inflexible handle allow for even and firm pressure without the fear of damaging the felt. This simple tool makes padding easier and is used on a daily basis in our shop. Learn More

  4. Double Sided Pad Slick
    This small tool is a padders best friend. When installing woodwind pads with shellac, it is important that the pad hit the tone chimney evenly around the entire circumference. After heating the shellac behind the pad, use this tool to press up any high spots or parts of the pad that hit before the others. Once all the high spots have been lowered, use the Pad leveling tool to pull up any low spots in the pad. The long reach and special arch of this tool help to reach the back of the pad for leveling.

    Length: 7.25 inches or 18.5cm. Learn More
  5. Stainless Steel Pad Slick
    The pad slick is useful for leveling Clarinet, Saxophone, and Flute pads in their cups. Also useful as a pad iron and sax bumper felt adjuster. Learn More
  6. Flute Pad Iron
    Out of stock
    Our Flute Pad Iron is thoughtfully designed with years of research to create a tool that will cover the widest range of flute brands. Learn More
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8 Items