Saxophone Modification 1 Day Course October 17th, 2024

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Saxophone Modification 1 Day Course October 17th, 2024

In this very unique Sax ProShop 1 Day Course, we will discuss the topic of custom modifications on saxophones. There is such a wide range of where and why modifications take place. Ryan Walker will go over different types of modifications on saxophones to find the best solution to some of the most common problems and issues on the saxophone:

*Comfort & Ergonomics
*Tone & Intonation

We will cover the techniques, concepts, and basics tools used to perform a myriad of modifications. There will be a live demonstration of a common modification that is performed in the Sax ProShop.

Clinic dates and registration:

Dates: October 17th, 2024

Hours: 9am to 5pm EST with an hour or so break for lunch

All course lectures and materials will be streamed via Zoom. Instructional portions of the class will also be recorded so students can view them for 30 days after the course. This course is worth 0.7 CEU's. Seating may be limited so please register early!

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