Altarac Vent for Bass Saxophone

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The Altarac Vent modification for Bass Saxophone will vastly improve and change your Bass Saxophone for the better, forever!

The Altarac Vent is designed to allow the player to use standard saxophone fingerings on any Bass Saxophone. This amazing and cool modification removes the "weirdness" that is present in all Bass Saxophones when playing in the staff D. The modification also solves many other intonation issues that occur. If you play Bass Saxophone, this will change your life on how you view and play the instrument in all the best ways possible!

If your bass sax doesn’t play octave D (and we know it doesn’t), then you could really use the Altarac Vent! The Altarac Vent is the only true automated triple octave vent on the market and it allows you to play D without alternate fingerings. Most saxophones utilize a two octave vent system, wherein notes D-G# are vented with the body octave, and notes A and above are vented with the neck octave. With the Altarac Vent, notes D and D# are vented with the Altarac vent, E-G# are vented with the body octave, and notes A and above are vented with the neck octave. The result is a D that plays reliably without alternate fingerings and with an excellent and stable tone.

The Altarac Vent for Short Wrap bass saxophones is used on most modern instruments. We manufacture all parts in-house at the Sax ProShop. The mechanism works smoothly, practically, and is repairable. Starting at Low D and continuing all the way to the top of the instrument, many changes to the original keywork are made. A motion in the Low D tells the new octave vents to open. Mini-bal technology is used to transfer motion around the curved saxophone body to avoid using multiple levers that operate on various fulcrums. This means that if you wiggle the key at the bottom of the bass and at the octave vent, you will find little lost motion despite it traveling several feet with various connections.

The Altarac Vent for Long Wrap bass saxophones such as Conn and Buescher basses functions a bit differently in order to work with the existing keywork. Rather than replace the original mechanism resulting in 2 vents for the note D and D#, one separate vent for E-G#, and another separate vent for A and above, this variety of Altarac Vent piggybacks off the original mechanism. It adds only one vent so when the notes D and D# are played, the original vent AND the new vent open together. Then when E-G# is played, the new vent closes leaving the original body octave vent open. A and above operate as usual.

Each Altarac Vent is custom made for the instrument it is being installed on, so no matter the configuration of your bass saxophone's keywork, you will have a fully automated triple octave mechanism that allows you to play octave D and D# with stability, excellent tone, and no alternate fingerings.

If you would like more detailed information about receiving the Altarac Vent on your Bass, write us at Or call the shop at 910-667-0270. We can discuss your needs, scheduling, and arrange the safe delivery of your bass sax to the Sax ProShop in Wilmington, NC. While your bass is at the shop receiving the Altarac Vent, it's a great time for other modifications like adding a High E key and lever, key contacts, touchpiece modifications, custom rollers, etc, so let us know if you desire any of these.