Tone Hole Checker Set

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Beautiful, sleek, stainless steel. We created these in the Sax ProShop and have been using them for years.

Beautiful, sleek, stainless steel.  We created these in the Sax ProShop and have been using them for years.  We originally used the back of the tone hole files to check tone hole flatness, but they always seemed to be covered in dirt, lapping compound, grease, brass shavings, you name it, or they could be slightly warped from being dropped. Checking your tone holes with truly flat, clean, precision leveled corrosion resistant 303 stainless steel discs allows you to level tone holes with absolute certainty.  5 of the 7 largest checkers are tapped in the middle, allowing you to use the screw from the Complete Tone Hole File Set (or any 14/-20 fasteners) as a handle, if you so desire. 

For those intending to use these discs to file tone holes, a pilot can be used in conjunction with the screw to hold on sandpaper or diamond grit.  

The 7-disc set comes with a holder to keep them organized and from getting banged up.  All 3.65mm or 0.144 thickness.

The Diameters are:

62.8mm or 2.47in

50.0mm or 1.94in

43.4mm or 1.70in

36.95mm or 1.45in

29.35mm or 1.15in

21.1mm or 0.86in

17.43mm or 0.68in

A lifetime quality tool at a great price!  To learn more about why we use stainless steel, click here.