Black Magic Foam

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This high-tech foam has open-cell construction and smooth surface texture for easy gluing. This medium soft foam can be sanded with fine sandpaper but wears and rebounds well in a wide range of temperatures. Great for applications where vibration and an impact noise are a problem.

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Black Magic (0.8mm)
Black Magic (1.6mm)

We named this synthetic cork Black Magic because it's hard to believe that a synthetic cork this great could be created by any other means.  Like natural cork, it sands quickly with fine grit sandpaper and adheres easily due to the open-cell construction and smooth surface texture.  Black Magic is ideal as a silencing material on key feet where the noise of cork is undesirable because it absorbs shock and controls noisy vibrations.  It offers increased durability and rebounds well in a wide range of temperatures. Black Magic compresses over time so the thicker size should be avoided in instances where precise adjustments are held.  A must-have in any technician's bag of tricks, Black Magic laminates well with Ultrasuede and Teflon and can be used anywhere that natural cork is used, including neck corks and tenon corks.  Pair Black Magic with black Ultrasuede and black Saxgourmet RooPads for a signature sleek look.

Available 6"x6" sheets in .8mm and 1.6mm thicknesses.