Blue Monster Teflon Tape

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The Blue Monster PTFE tape is hands down the best Teflon tape we’ve ever seen. This tape is stronger, thicker and easier to use then traditional Teflon tape.

Blue Monster Teflon Tape We found this superior blue teflon PTFE tape during a plumbing project here at MusicMedic! After buying a roll, it quickly became a must have around the shop. This tape is much thicker than standard white teflon tape, and this handy roll will be your go-to. It’s great to put around the neck cork when testing different mouthpieces for a quick seal, and it quiets the octave rocker on Selmer style saxophones. Use anywhere that needs some smooth and slippery quieting action and for quick fixes and seals. Tape size is 1/2" X 260".