Xuron Spring Shear Pliers

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Our Spring Shear Pliers are excellent for cutting Spring Wire and Needle Springs and giving a highly workable square edge.

These mini shear pliers by Xuron are our go to for cutting needle springs! The pliers feature self-adjusting clamping fixture(s) that hold the wire perpendicular to the jaws while cutting, and allow for square cuts on both sides of the cut wire. This allows for faster clean up and preparation of the spring for peening and installation. The best part? They don't let springs fly across the room! The jaws hold the off-cuts of larger diameter springs to keep the shop safe! These pliers are sprung open for easy operation, and require about the same amount of gripping power to cut springs as our Knipex Side Cutters, but with a much cleaner edge. As always use Eye Protection when cutting springs!

These can also be used to cut memory wire, silver, gold and copper wire. Also good for cutting twisted throttle cable. Cuts stainless steel wire, spring wire, piano wire, nichrome wire, gold wire, electrical wire and cable from 29-15 AWG, copper wire, annealed wire, and of course music wire up to 0.060" (1.52mm) diameter. Because the jaws work in a shearing action they are not recommended for cutting the largest diameters of needle springs, but for your majority of spring wire cutting on a daily basis the square edge these pliers leave can't be beat!


Max Jaw Opening: 0.120" (3mm)
Overall Length: 5.45" (138mm)
Handle Width: 3.15" (80mm)
Handle Grip Thickness: 0.50" (12.83mm)