Ultimate Tap & Die Set

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Our Ultimate Tap & Die Set includes the most popular Metric AND Standard sizes for band repair! This allows you to repair or make parts for countless instrument brands. This is the most complete set available for the thread sizes we encounter in the musical repair trade.

Our Woodwind Tap and Die Set will cover all your bases for making rods, screws, and tapped holes, and chasing lightly damaged threads, specifically in the band instrument repair trade.  It contains everything you need from diagnosis to production so you can recreate all common and even not so common threads in metric and standard. We created the Woodwind Tap and Die Set so that we had an ultimate collection at the shop that contains everything needed within the BIR industry with secure packaging and expandable storage. 

There are two options for finding thread pitch. This set comes with allen keys you can screw into the hole to check the size of internal threads, as it is dangerous to test a hole with a tap.  If you need to find the external thread pitch of a rod, use the nuts provided to check or use the included thread pitch gauge.

Next, there are two types of stainless steel taps for each size: a spiral fluted and a bottoming.  Use the spiral fluting tap for its speed and power, and the convenience of tapping threads without having to back the tap out if desired. The bottoming tap is for tapping an internal hole. Each size of tap is partnered with the corresponding diameter drill bit for making a pilot hole.  

Included for tapping is a ratcheting tap holder that can be set to “in” or “out”, and “ratchet” or “non-ratchet”.  Ratchet allows you to break the chip without backing out, and non-ratchet allows you to use the traditional method of backing out to break the chip. 

For every size of tap is a corresponding die, and the dies utilize a special die holder that makes it quick and easy to set the die and turn the holding screws. 

The set contains a chamfering tool that you can use by hand to create a beautiful and accurate start for your new threads prior to using the tap or die.  

This collection comes in a sleek acrylic container that keeps everything organized and even has extra storage underneath if you choose to add on extra taps and dies in the future. The foam trays hold everything securely even when tipped upside down.  The top tray holds the taps and dies.  The bottom tray contains extra spaces as you grow your collection.  The die cutouts can be stacked two dies deep to hold backups. The packaging also contains extra cutouts for additional threaded rods and nuts. 


The included Tap & Die sizes are:


*M1.6 X 0.35

*M1.8 X 0.35

*M2.0 X 0.4

*M2.5 X 0.45

*M3.0 X 0.5

*M3.5 X 0.6

*M4.5 X 0.75