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  1. Ultimate Post Counterbore Set
    Out of stock

    The Ultimate Post CounterBore Set will allow you to counter bore posts for most tapered pivot screws in woodwind keys at any angle.

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  2. Flute Pad Iron
    Our Flute Pad Iron is thoughtfully designed with years of research to create a tool that will cover the widest range of flute brands. Learn More
  3. Tap and Die, Individual Metric

    Starting at $8.34

    Taps and Dies individual metric sizes. Learn More
  4. GapCap

    Starting at $45.99

    Ditch your old sax end plug and go with a GapCap™ to flex, expand, vent and protect your saxophone.

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  5. Slide-Lock Roller Tool

    Starting at $86.25

    This remarkable tool is the most versatile dent roller on the market and is nothing short of amazing when considering how many applications it can be used for. It outperforms traditional rollers by giving you access to hard-to-reach places, and saves shop space and money by doing the job of many tools with just one. The Slide-Lock Roller Tool was proudly designed and manufactured in-house at MusicMedic in Wilmington, NC.

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  6. Woodwind Felt Assortment
    Woodwind Felt Assortment- An assortment of disks, bumpers and materials in all the popular colors. Learn More
  7. Open Hole Bushing Lifter

    A super high quality tool for lifting open hole flute bushings without tearing or distorting the pad underneath.

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  8. Knipex Flat Jaw Needle Nose Pliers

    Starting at $55.20

    Our Knipex Needle Nose Pliers are great for getting into tough to reach places! These pliers have a gentle taper to the jaws and are fairly thin. Letting you get access to rods that are hard to reach!

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  9. Blazer Stingray butane torch
    A powerful, portable butane refillable torch. The Stingray features a high quality anodized finish, gas flow adjustment lever and sturdy base for hands free work. Learn More
  10. Feeler Gauge Assortment

    This Feeler Gauge Assortment for your padding work. Included are 2 light weight handles with O-rings and thicknesses of feelr material:

    Silver: 0.0005"

    Amber 0.001"

    Red 0.002”

    Green 0.003”

    Learn More
  11. Red Wing Mouthpiece Taper Tool set

    From $21.28

    To $177.70

    Damage in lead pipes near the mouthpiece receiver is a common occurrence- this handy tool set allows you to round out the mouthpiece receiver and adjust the leadpipe on nearly any brass instrument. Learn More
  12. Brass Mouthpiece Shank Tool
    Brass Mouthpiece Shank Tool Our Brass Mouthpiece Shank Tool allows you to true up the shank of any size brass mouthpiece easily. This is a traditional tool in the band repair industry and has been used by technicians and band teachers for many years. Normally this tool comes with a T-handle and can be forced into the shank of the mouthpiece, causing damage to the mouthpiece shank by unskilled users. We removed the T from our tool and replaced it with a handy key chain! This keeps unskilled users from shoving the mandrel into the mouthpiece shank and over expanding it. The safest method of restoring your mouthpiece shank to true round is to insert the tool into the shank, and tap with a rawhide mallet to bring it back to round. This method will prevent damage to the mouthpiece and keep it playing great! Made of stainless steel at our facility in Wilmington, NC USA. Learn More
  13. Small Post Fitting Pliers
    The Small Post Fitting Pliers are designed to work with smaller woodwind instruments. These pliers will allow you to swedge posts on flute, oboe and clarinet, as well as saxophone side keys where the Large Post Fitting Pliers don't reach. Use these pliers on any instrument post where clearance is an issue. Learn More
  14. Brass Instrument valve felts

    Starting at $0.53

    High quality natural Wool Felts in popular thicknesses and diameters- sold individually with quantity discounts available. Learn More
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