The Ultimax Lubricating System

By Curt Altarac

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Ultimax is a system of synthetic lubricants designed specifically for musical instruments. Effective and long lasting, these lubricants work together to provide maximum protection for the delicate mechanisms of woodwind and brass instruments. 

Lubricating a woodwind or brass instrument is vital to it's mechanical longevity and reduces mechanical noise. Traditionally performers have used thin oils to oil their instruments because a thin oil will easily work it's way into the mechanism of the instrument. Often this is not the same oil or grease that a technician previously applied. The results of this mix can be unpredictable. With Ultimax, you can rest assured that all of the oils you use are compatible and will not react adversely with previously applied lubricants. 

Ultimax lubricants also work very well with one-another. A technician can lubricate rods, pivots and rollers while assembling the instrument and a player can keep the assembled mechanism lubricated with the Ultimax. Using the Ultimax system of lubricants, both the player and the tech can be certain that the lubricants they are using are compatible. 

Ultimax lubricants are specially formulated to prevent corrosion while bonding to metal surfaces. They will not break down adhesives or react with any other materials or finishes. They do not evaporate and will not leave a gummy residue. They maintain their effectiveness in temperatures as low as -90° and as high as 300° Fahrenheit. They are non-toxic and clear to prevent damaging clothing or instrument components. 

Ultimax woodwind key oil is available in three viscosities. Low viscosity key oil is excellent for the smallest and most delicate key mechanism such as those on a piccolo or new flute. Medium viscosity is excellent for most mid-size instruments such as saxophones, flutes and clarinets. The High viscosity oil is perfect for large woodwind instruments such as bass clarinet, baritone saxophone, vintage instruments with 'play' in the key work. If you are uncertain of viscosity you need for your instrument start with the medium viscosity oil. This is our most popular oil and is an excellent viscosity for most woodwind instruments. 

Ultimax lubricants are available in bulk packaging to save time and money. If you are a technician and you are interested in offering Ultimax lubricants to your customers please do not hesitate to contact us for dealer pricing.


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