Renton Tool Block

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Renton Tool Block
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Renton Tool Block
Renton Tool Block

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    Renton Tool Block Items:

    1 x Knipex Duckbill Pliers-Medium
    1 x Knipex Parallel Swedging Pliers-Small
    1 x Knipex Parallel Swedging Pliers-Medium
    1 x Small Brush
    1 x Cutting and Punching Bench Block
    1 x Double-Sided Spring Hook in Case-Large Tip
    1 x Double-Sided Spring Hook in Case-Small Tip
    2 x Stainless Steel Pad Slick
    1 x Six Files and Handle Set-Medium Grit
    1 x Tone Hole File & Handle-300 coarse grit
    1 x Flute Pad Iron


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