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We love the Z-Plug because it allows you to get every drop of shellac out of the cartridge without waste. In our industry, we focus a lot on dent removal, and we certainly weren’t going to let a little ding slow us down!
The Z Plug was designed by our friend Lucas Pemberton at the Redwing Instrument Repair School. Sometimes the aluminum shellac cartridges that are used with the Z-Gun (patent pending) get an occasional dent or ding during shipping or if a tool knocks against them on the tool bench or in a drawer. The plunger that comes with the Z-Gun isn’t always able to push past a dent. We needed a tool that would help push tiny dents out of the aluminum shellac cartridges while they are in use, and Lucas knocked it out of the park with his invention. This reusable aluminum Z- Plug works in conjunction with the plunger. As the shellac heats up and is dispensed, the plug moves through the aluminum casing, smoothing out any dents and dings along with way. When the cartridge of shellac is empty, use the bolt that came with the Z-Gun, thread it into the Z-Plug, remove, and install in the next shellac cartridge.