Will the pads in the Repair Kit fit my instrument?

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The Pads in the MusicMedic.com Repair Kits are an assortment of pads selected to give you some sizes that might come in handy for an emergency repair. These pads are based on a wide range of sizes that the repair techs at MusicMedic.com have come to know as the most commonly used pads. 

Because every instrument is different however, it is not possible for the pad assortment to include all the pads for every instrument.

A full set of pads for a saxophone would typically between 24 and 25 individual pads (including the smaller pads for the octave keys on the neck and body octave key). The Repair Kit includes ten pads in common sizes.

Full sets can be purchased here: Saxophone Pad Wizard - and there's even a discount on the set -and- the Repair Kit when puchased together! Discounts will show in the cart!


Saxophone Repair Kit