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When you buy a MusicMedic.com Repair Kit, aside from the most specific and economical repair kit available, you will also receive a complete instruction manual and online support. Online support means that you have a real repair technician in your corner who's only motive is to help you succeed! Instrument repair and maintenance has never been so fun and easy!

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The following are actual letters received from MusicMedic.com Customers:

"Curt: Just received the saxophone springs, thanks for puting in the extra sizes, it was very fortuitous. It is really a pleasure buying from a merchant who wants the customer to have a good outcome, your guys are the GREATEST, you can quote me. Thanks very much."

"Dear Curt, 
When I first opened your MusicMedic.com, Saxophone Repair Kit, I felt like a kid on Christmas day. The first thing that I did was put the leak light in a horn that I thought had no leaks. I found a couple of little leaks and fluffed those pads right up. The torch, the light, the pliers, the spring hook and all of the other cool supplies have me prepared for 90% of the repair situations that will arise for me or my students. You are giving a great value in this kit and I'm more than satisfied. I intend to recommend one to every player and teacher that I know. 
Thanks for a great product." - Jody Espina, President - JodyJazz Saxophone & Clarinet Mouthpieces, http://www.jodyjazz.com/

"Hey, I just go the repair kit today and would like to say that I definitely got more than what I bargained for. The corks in the kit are all such high quality, and there are enough supplies to fix a little of everything on the sax. I have already recorked my III, and it looks VERY professional." - KH

"Thanks for all your input, with your help I have fixed, 5 insturments so far. You are saving me a bundle! I did some more work on the Alto sax last night." - PSI

"Thanks Curt! I really appreciate your advice. Your site is invaluable to musicians because, as I'm sure you know, many of us simply can't afford to have all of our instruments (I have 5) professionally serviced for all problems that occur. In addition, I was able to overhaul a $25 garage sale alto for my nephew using your kit and extra supplies, so the next generation of musicians are benefiting as well!" - TT

"Curt! Just got home last night after three weeks away. The kit is great!
I have to know one thing... did you take the luggage packing course at NASA??? I got the stuff out of the box, and had trouble getting it all back in without taking the items out of the paper bags... hah!.... 
I LOVE the pliers! Perfect! And even before I read the book, I saw how the jaws were cut, and thought, 'Damned perfect! Not only can you press out the stub of the old broken spring, and press in the new spring, but you can straighten posts, too!' A great addition to my toolchest. 
A VERY well thought out kit. I like how you have labeled everything.....I would think this a necessary item for any guy on tour, or especially, with my sax ensemble when we go play....Leak light, too! A great little oiler, and very nice screwdriver set.
Way more than I was expecting. And if it saves you on just ONE gig, you have more than paid for the kit, right? I don't see how a saxophonist can afford NOT to have this kit." - Paul Coats

"I ordered a Sax repair kit for my husband for Xmas. He has not stopped thanking me yet! I've never seen him so happy about a gift! He has worked on his Sax and says it plays better than it ever has! Frankly, I'm getting a little jealous of the kit! (smile). A great gift -- I just bought some flute supplies because he mentioned he wanted to work on that next. Thanks for your wonderful product!" - Kendra

"I have one of your repair kits, which I used for my first overhaul job: a '26 Martin Alto. I still can't believe I actually did my own overhaul, and this alto plays so sweet and is beautiful--I'm always getting comments on it. I play it with a blue jodyjazz mp, which makes for an odd visual combo of vintage silver and neon blue, but it plays nicely and looks cool. Now I'm on to the C melody. I'll check those tone holes as you mentioned; like my alto, this c melody is very sound mechanically and looks like it hasn't been played much in its lifetime." - Les

"HI! I just got the Flute repair kit and the clarinet upgrade today! , I will start repairing my WW instruments so my students can perform for their upcoming mini-concert (in May).
Thanks so much! You have just what I need!" - RN

"Thanks, great kit and great niche! Hope you do well." - JJ

"Great! Curt, many thanks for your help. In Hong Kong, repair is very expensive and sometimes takes 1-2 months, because there are very few repairmen here. I have used many different material & equipment to repair my saxes. I found your site is the best & easiest to order" - FC

"I recently purchased a medic kit and am pleased with it. I'm restoring my sax and need a full set of pads and enough shellac for the job." - MN

"I've been doing emergency repairs as a section leader for years. This is exactly what I've been looking for!!" - SA

"I made a fool of myself trying to help a band member with clarinet problems. I used 'new technology'. You know, the fake stuff. Later, I ordered your kit to redo my 31 year old Buffet. I am impressed. The tenon cork was of great quality? the clarinet works well with your spring. The 31 year old clarinet has not played that well in decades!!" - AB

"I really start to appreciate your repair kit, nowadays I make minor repairs and adjustments? on my saxophone as well as on my friends" - BH

"Curt, I played a gig last night and this Alto with your instructions is playing super fine, and I have even got comments on the tone being clear and better than before, and I just wanted to thank you.?So thanks again and I have a jazz jam session at a local cafe tonight that should be fun." - WK

"Curt, I got my repair kit just days after I ordered and it is great! I have already begun work on my Bb Clarinet. replacing pads, with these instructions is easy! Every pad I replace makes the thing play a little better. Thanks a lot and keep up the good work!" - IC


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