The Wilmington Bass Saxophone

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Our Wilmington Bass Saxophone feels great and very solid, with keys that lay well under the hands almost like a baritone. The tone is even throughout, the intonation is remarkably good, and it responds well in all registers! This highly adjustable and repairable instrument undergoes extensive set-up at the Sax ProShop before it ships.

Traditionally, the Bass saxophone’s uniquely large size came with cumbersome ergonomics and well known intonation and response issues. The secret to why the Wilmington Bass plays so well is in the set-up!

We’ve done SO much work and research on bass saxophones at the Sax ProShop that we know all the in’s and out’s, which is why we were so particular when choosing the factory that would make it for us. We start with a really solid instrument and when it arrives at the Sax ProShop, that’s where the magic happens. 

Set-up is key on such a large instrument in order to bring the player closer to the instrument. A straight-from-the-factory or even a poorly set-up bass could result in the player struggling for years with a problem that could be removed mechanically rather than by their own practice. This is why we spend a significant amount of time on each instrument to set up the key heights, the pad heights, timing, perform our tuning and toning process, and reduce key noise by adding synthetic materials such as ultra suede, tech cork, and teflon to the mechanism as needed for a quiet and smooth action.

The result of our work is a Wilmington Bass Saxophone that feels great and very solid, with keywork that lays well under the hands almost like a baritone. The tone is even throughout, the intonation is remarkably good, and it responds well in all registers. It is highly adjustable and repairable, for all of the bumps and bangs an instrument of such a size inevitably endures.


*Keyed Low Bb to High F#

*Compact body style

*Ribbed construction

*Completely removable top bow and bow and bell section so the instrument can be mostly disassembled without soldering for easier repairs and dent removal

*Two heavy duty bell-to-body braces to keep the bell in alignment and the low end honkin’

*Two sturdy braces in the top bow that unscrew

*Long hinge rods are nickel which limits flex and keeps the horn in adjustment

*Front F has adjustment screws to remove lost motion

*Bis Bb key *Key contacts under every single floating key to keep them in adjustment and create a solid feel *Side key contacts under Side E, Side C, and Side Bb

*Low C and Eb key touches have an upward ergonomic curve

*Adjustment screws on the top stack keys

*Adjustment screws on sliders for the F# to G# and F# to Bb connections

*Adjustment screws to adjust the swing of the Low B to Low C# connection

*Foot on Low C# lever to give it a solid feel

*Adjustable bell key bumpers

*Blued Steel needle springs for a snappy feel

*Triple Strap Ring

*Adjustable Thumb Rest

*Substantial floor peg

*Optimized body octave vent has been modified for improved octave response

*Comes with hard rubber mouthpiece, ligature, cap, and reed

*Rolling zipper case with a good size storage compartment and plenty of padding

*The Wilmington Logo is engraved in-house, with extra engraving available as an upgrade. Contact us as for an engraving quote. 

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