The Wilmington Bass Clarinet, low C

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The Wilmington low C Bass Clarinet offers all the features of a professional low C Bass Clarinet at a student level Bass Clarinet price. The full, rich sound that is produced from the wood and hard rubber body is unmatched to any ABS plastic Bass Clarinet and is easily compariable to an all Grenadilla wood body Bass Clarinet. 

The Wilmington low C Bass Clarinet has a composite body material of Grenadilla wood and hard rubber, with a brushed wood-grain look. The body’s ability to withstand changes in temperature and humidity practically eliminates the risk of cracks and is low maintenance. The body of the clarinet is machined on a 4 axis CNC machine for a highly consistent result.

The instrument features construction and materials that are characteristic on much more expensive models of Bass Clarinets, but at a price that allows students and those who double or need a spare instrument to acquire a new instrument! The Wilmington low C Bass features:

• Premium white leather pads
• Undercut tone holes for improved intonation and sound
• Locking posts keep the clarinet in excellent alignment
• Stainless steel screws and rods
• Blue steel needle springs for excellent key action
• Adjustable Neck
• Fixed thumb rest
• Fixed strap ring for extra stability
• Cork pad in primary and secondary register keys
• Eb/Ab lever
• Vent hole on bell
• Improved neck angle for optimum playability
• Rollers on thumb keys for ease of playability

Every Wilmington instrument is play tested, adjusted, and set-up at our shop in Wilmington, NC by a professional woodwind technician. Anyone interested in dealer pricing for their rental fleet or school is invited to call us for pricing information.