SuperNova LED Leaklight-6" (152.4 mm)

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SuperNova LED Leaklight

The SuperNova is's 360 degree LED LeakLight. This small and super bright professional LED LeakLight will fit into any size instrument. It does not give off heat and is extremely durable. Now featuring solid construction! No loose, rattling bulbs, or loose power cords. Available in 3 inch (75mm) and 6 inch (150mm) sizes.

The 3 inch leaklight makes it possible to get bright light in a curved soprano sax or the upper crook of a baritone saxophone! The 6 inch light gives great coverage for larger areas.

  • The unique 360 degree bulbs enable consistent illumination results from every angle.
  • The clear, UV stable, non-flexible casing is virtually unbreakable and stronger than glass.
  • Solid construction- resin cast parts can not come loose!
  • Use a magnet to hold the light exactly where you need it the magnetic tip of the SuperNova.
  • A long 9 foot (3 meter) cord enables you to move the light around your bench with ease.
  • Powered by just 3 volts- safe to use and it saves electricity.
  • The LEDs have a projected run-time of at least 30,000+ hours.
  • As bright as standard incandescent and fluorescent bulbs, but does not give off heat.
  • Easy to store and convenient to travel with.
  • Fits in a saxophone, flute, clarinet.
  • Built-in transformer for both 110 and 220 volts.

Each light comes with a 110/220V power adapter. International customers may need a plug adapter.