Steve Goodson Saxophones have RooPads

By Curt Altarac

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It is a rare occasion when a saxophone maker cares only about delivering the highest quality product possible. Orpheus Music has recently made a huge effort to improve their line of Saxophones. Their first step was hiring Steve Goodson as chief Saxophone designer and giving him absolute creative freedom over these new instruments. With this freedom Steve has set out with one goal, to make the worlds finest saxophones. 

The Steve Goodson and SaxGourmet model saxophones are filled with innovative mechanical improvements as well as improvements to the bore, taper, neck and materials in and on the instrument. 

Limited only by his imagination, Steve could choose any type of pad in the world. We are proud to say that Steve Goodson and Orpheus music chose our SaxGourmet line of RooPads for their premium instruments. By installing our pads in their instruments, the difference in sound, response and consistency of the saxophone was obvious. 

With this success Orpheus Music has made another excellent choice. They are now installing RooPads on their Orpheo saxophones as well as their SaxGourmet and Steve Goodson models. 

Orpheus Music is a company interested in constantly improving the instruments they make no matter what the cost. The benefits of using Roopads are clear and we are very proud to be an integral part of the many improvements these saxophone offer. 

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