Removing Bushings from J.S. Pads

By Curt Altarac

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When removing bushings at any time from J.S. pads it is extremely important to use the skin protector tool (provided free). This is necessary because there is a hidden aluminum collar under the gold skin near the center of the pad. This area at the center of the pad will also be covered by a bushing. If you remove a bushing without the skin protector in place, you might wedge the skin of the pad downward against the hidden aluminum collar. This will cut through the skin and damage the pad. Using the skin protector is similar to cutting a plastic shim in half and sliding it under the outside edge of the bushing. 

Follow these steps for removing a Bushing from J.S. Open Hole pads with the skin protector.

1. Place the key on a flat surface. 

2. Slide the skin protector between the surface of the pad and the bushing. 

3. Carefully pry out the Delrin bushing with a dull flat faced tool. A fingernail also works well.

4. Remove the pad from the key cup.


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