MDRS Dent Ball Sets

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These sets of chrome steel balls are for use with the 2.0"  and 1.5" MDRS tools. Please the the full description below for a complete listing of the sizes availablein each kit. 

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MDRS Dent Ball Sets-Set A
MDRS Dent Ball Sets-Set B
MDRS Dent Ball Sets-Set C
MDRS Dent Ball Sets-Set D
MDRS Dent Ball Sets-Oak Box
MDRS Dent Ball Sets-321 Ball

MDRS Dent Ball Sets

This set of 49 solid chrome steel balls is best for Smaller Tubing. Ball sizes range from 5/8-1 3/8" (16mm-35mm) Comes with Custom Oak Storage Box for easy size selection. For best results this ball set should be used with the 2.0" MDRS N50 tool.

4 Each of:
5/8" (15.87mm)
21/32 (16.66mm
11/16 (17.46mm)
23/32 (18.25mm)
3/4 (19.05mm)

3 Each of:
25/32 (19.84mm)
13/16 (20.63mm)
7/8 (22.22mm)
15/16 (23.81mm)
1" (25.40mm)
2 Each of:
17/16 (26.98mm)
1 1/16" (27.00mm)
1 1/8 (28.60mm)
1 3/16 (30.15mm)
1 1/4 (31.75mm)
1 5/16 (33.34mm)
1 3/8 (34.93mm)

This set of 8 solid chrome steel balls is best used for dents on Baritone Saxes, Tubas, Baritones, and Euphonium. Ball Sizes Range from 1.5-2.375" (38.1mm-60.3mm)

1 Each of:
1.5" (38.10mm)
1.625 (41.28mm)
1.750 (44.45mm)
1.875 (47.64mm)
2.0 (50.80mm)
2.125 (53.98mm)
2.250 (57.15mm)
2.375 (60.32mm)

This set of 3 solid chrome steel balls is used to remove large dents in Tuba bottom bows and branches. Size range 2.5-2.75" (63.5-69.85mm)

1 Each of:
2.5" (63.50mm)
2.625 (66.67mm)
2.75 (69.85mm

This set of 5 hollow steel balls are used to remove shallow dents and to shape and burnish areas after heavy dent removal. Size Range 3.0-5.0" (76.2mm-127.0mm)

1 Each of:
3.0" (76.20mm)
3.5 (88.90mm)
4.0 (101.60mm)
4.5 (114.30mm)
5.0 (127.00mm)

Custom Oak Storage Box:
This sturdy oak box will hold both the B and C sets allowing for easy storage and size selection during dent removal.

321 Ball:
This 3" Chrome steel ball was made for dent and ferrule repair to the 1st branch side of a Yamaha YBB321 tuba without removing the bow. This solid ball has an extreme amount of attraction to the 2" MDRS tools and will aid in restoring the ferrule as well as removing dents in related areas. If you repair Yamaha 321 tubas this tool is a must have.