Making a Clarinet Tenon Cork

By Curt Altarac

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Tools and supplies that you will need:

Once you understand how a clarinet tenon cork is installed, it is possible to make your own tenon cork from sheet cork. Doing this will save you money over purchasing the pre-made Clarinet tenon corks.

1. Measure the area of your tenon that you would like to cover.

2. Once you know how wide your new neck cork should be, use a straight edge and cut a strip of cork that width from your 1/6" sheet cork.

3. Using a very sharp razor, cut a bevel along the narrow edge of your new cork.

4. Now that you have your tenon cork cut, you can install the cork by following the MusicMedic Clarinet Tenon cork installation instructions.

To help you follow those instructions, understand that Tenon corks come with two X's on the bevel and one large X on the bottom side of the cork. These are the areas that you will need to coat with contact cement.


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