Foredom Flex Shaft Tools

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A flexible shaft rotary tool is an essential item for any repair shop. We chose Foredom for their impeccable quality and versatility.
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Foredom Flex Shaft Tools-Motor
Foredom Flex Shaft Tools-H.30 3-jaw #0 hand piece
Foredom Flex Shaft Tools-Table Top Speed Control
Foredom Flex Shaft Tools-Plastic Foot Control
Foredom Flex Shaft Tools-Iron Foot Control
A flexible shaft rotary tool is an essential item for any repair shop. We chose Foredom for their impeccable quality and versatility. 

The hanging style SR series from Foredom has a 1/6 HP motor, that runs in forward or reverse rotation with a maximum speed of 18,000 RPM. It comes equipped with the standard 39" long key tip inner shaft and outer sheath for connecting to any of Foredom’s hand pieces. We chose this motor as it has plenty of power for working on all types of materials without stalling or slowing down under normal use. 

For those of you who are used to working with the older non-reversible motors, there are several advantages to running the motor in reverse: 

-Left handed users have more control of the cutting tool 

-Reverse helps to keep dust and other debris flying away from right handed users 

-Alternating motor direction helps to extend the life of certain abrasives 

-Reverse helps with accomplishing symmetrical grinding and carving techniques 

-Reverse makes it easier to back out stuck drill bits 

-Alternating motor direction makes it easier and faster to polish metals 

The H.30 hand piece is extremely versatile and features a geared 3-jaw #0 chuck that fits any size mandrel or drill bit up to 5/32" (4mm) in diameter. It also comes with a HPCK-0 Chuck Key in molded plastic handle for changing accessories. 

The table top speed control is a solid state control in a plastic housing that can be positioned anywhere on the work bench. The hand dial is used to set and adjust speed. It allows you to maintain and return to a desired speed by using the motor on/off switch rather than the speed control to power up the unit. It also features a replaceable fuse that protects the electronics during power surges and work overloads. Dimensions: 5" long, 5.75" wide, 2.625" high 

The plastic foot control is made from heavy duty plastic with an extra wide footprint, low profile, and has non-skid pads on the bottom. It provides smooth control throughout the entire speed range. Dimensions: 7" long, 4.5" wide, 2.375" high 

The cast iron foot control offers the same electronics and smooth control, but in a much heavier cast iron housing. The added weight eliminates any unexpected movement of the control along the floor. The bottom surface is covered with non-skid material. Dimensions: 6.75" long, 4" wide, 2.375" high 

Note: These speed controls have two power cords that come off the back, the shorter cord accepts the motor plug, and the longer (6 foot) cord connects to a power outlet. 

We found these Foredom products to be the most versatile for woodwind repair. However, as a Foredom dealer we can special order any item you may require from the Foredom catalog. Please note all items are sold separately. 

When ordering choose your motor voltage/country plug type. Add your speed control to the order and it will come in the same voltage and plug type as your motor.