Flute Care Kit

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Flute Care Kit

Flute Swab - This swab has a pull string on both ends with a weighted string on one side. Drop the weighted string through your instrument and grab it from the other side. With the swab in the instrument pull it back and forth using both strings. To prevent corrosion of the inside of the instrument and to keep pads from getting wet, disassemble the flute and clean each section thoroughly.

Ultimax Medium Key Oil - The Ultimax lubricating system takes the guesswork out of lubricating woodwind instruments.

Polishing Cloth - After playing, use to wipe off perspiration and fingerprints. Do Not use household cleaners which may harm the finish.

Key Buff Puff - Use gently on keys to keep luster and remove fingerprints.

Duster Brush - Use this to remove dust or lint that may collect around posts, springs and under rods. Use caution in cleaning under the key mechanism to avoid damaging the springs or corks.

Case ID Tag - Use this tag to prevent loss.