Château Student Model Alto Saxophone Gold Lacquered

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Château Student Model Alto Saxophone Gold Lacquered. Chateau Model CAS-22GL
Château is one of the premier brands of saxophones made in Asia, with a variety of models from student level to professional. Chateau has a great reputation for producing consistently high quality instruments. The construction of these instruments is done in a similar fashion to instruments overhauled in our SaxProShop. Instruments travel from station to station in the factory and quality is checked during each step in the production process. This is different from other makers that check quality at the end of the process. This difference in production makes for instruments that last longer out of the box and that need fewer adjustments.

You will find this model of Chateau to be extremely consistent throughout the range with a warm sound and accurate intonation. The instrument has similar key work to modern Selmer saxophones and feels great in the hands. These instruments have a sturdy construction for high impact environments. The posts are attached to a rib that is brazed onto the body, giving the key work extra stability. These instruments are easy to play, sound good, and are well made. Perfect for the beginner or any school band program. Comes with a sturdy deluxe hard shell case. Hear this instrument at 30:35 in this video: