The Pad Set Guarantee

At MusicMedic, we have the most extensive collection of pad set sizes on the planet. We constantly update these sizes with information about certain models, issues with our sizes and new pad sets. Due to many factors, including variations in manufacturer specifications and instrument makes and models, some pads in a pad set may not fit the instrument for which they are intended, despite all of our efforts. We have found that on average, a set might have one or two pads that are inaccurately sized. To remedy this situation and help you get the pads you need to complete your work, we offer a pad set guarantee.

What is the pad set guarantee?
Simple, Fast, and Free....

  • If you order a pad set from you may receive replacements for up to 5 pads that do not fit from the set. It's that simple. We will ship the pads you need without any additional charges. There is no need to return any spare pads or take any other action.
  • If more than five pads from the set do not fit, You can receive a complete replacement pad set when you return the original set and provide the measurements, make, model and serial number of your instrument. Just contact our Customer Service!
  • If you'd like a refund, you can return the set to us as per our return policy.


  • All replacement pads must be ordered at once, there are no multiple shipments on replacement pads. There are no returns, exchanges or refunds on the replacement pads sent by or on the pads that were incorrectly sized in the original pad set. The guarantee does not cover removable resonators such as ResoTechs.
  • After thirty days, pads cannot be returned for refund and the guarantee is void.